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Mar 7, 2017

We caught up with one of our favorite multi-hyphenate digital stars, Jordan Doww, to chat about his new comedy series ‘It’s Sketchy’, on his YouTube channel. Doww stars, directs, and produces the hilarious new series that is sure to catapult his career into super-stardom. Check out our one-on-one interview below and the latest episode from his new sketch series here.

1.What gets you up in the morning? Honestly, my love for Colton Haynes. He’ll realize we’re perfect for each other sooner or later. Haha. But seriously, my craft is what gets me up. I get so excited to work on getting better at my craft each and every day. Lame answer, I know, but TRY IT.

2. Your biggest virtue? I get no greater satisfaction and comfort to the heart than making another person feel loved, wanted, and seen. That’s ultimately why I do what I do. I love to make people laugh. I love to make someones day that much better and it’s an absolute honor if I can do that for someone. I love to help the poor, educate the young, give to charity, volunteer, and make this country a brighter place.

3. Your biggest vice? I’m VERY impatient which can work to my benefit sometimes but often, just wrecks me. I have so many things I want to accomplish in life and I often forget that I’m only 21 and have my WHOLE life to perfect these things, so it’s completely okay if it doesn’t work out right now. Just simply brush that aside for now and move on to the next thing! I’m also jealous. Not in my career but in dating, specifically. If we date, you’re never allowed to talk to anyone else. Ever. Haha! Kidding – I’m not that terrible.

4. Do you have a party trick? Tequila. Always. You don’t need too much and you’re bound to have a great night. Just remember to keep your clothes on.

5. How would you describe your style? Basic AF, immature, and out-dated. I’m really trying to work on it but I’m from the midwest and had no fashion influence. Pinterest is doing me well, though.

6. What would constitute a perfect day for you? A bunch of old and new friends getting together, traveling to a different country, and getting white girl wine wasted while being tourists and expanding our cultural knowledge – Just making the best of memories that we can tell our kids about. I sound like a 40 year old woman.

7. What would your very last meal entail? Am I getting the death sentence!? I never had to think about this question. UMM. Probably a giant platter of fried sushi. And an unhealthy amount of bacon. Also Oreos. These are all terrible together but it’d be my last meal so f*ck it. I’ll do what I want.

8. Three people—dead or alive, real or fictional—that you’d like to invite to dinner? Omg – here we go: Amy Schumer, Prince, President Barack Obama. How fun would THAT be?

9. Turn ons? This is the old soul in me speaking – I am turned on by a confident, successful, trailblazing, and caring human. He also has to be a giver. I’m lazy.

10. Turn offs? Self-absorbed, entitled personalities. Get out. I also am terribly turned off by poor personal hygiene. Triple scrub yourself, please.

11. Tell us a secret. I’m actually extremely introverted. The older I get, too, the more I’m realizing this. I’m a crazy, fun and outgoing guy but I always need my ME time. It helps me stay focused, productive, and sane. I go cray if I’m surrounded by people for more than 2 minutes. Kidding. But you understand.

12. Your favorite quote? “If you sprinkle where you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie.” – I found this quote in my family doctors office bathroom. It spoke to me.

13. An embarrassing moment? I used to do a lot of theatre growing up and I often found myself forgetting my lines on opening night constantly. One time, however, I played Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast and came out on stage super confidently for my time to shine and then recited an entirely different scene from an entirely different musical leaving the entire cast super confused and theatre snobs galore extremely offended. So my natural fight or flight response was to scream “F*CK,” and walk off stage and re-start, acting like nothing ever happened. I did this as everyone stood in their same positions in complete silence. It was truly iconic.

14. Your proudest moment? I once lost a teen choice award to Ellen Degeneres. I find that to be my most proud moment in my entire life. Following directly after that is successfully bonging a beer in college. I hate beer. And I did that.

15. Could you tell us more about some of the projects you are working on? I’ve been kicking some ass in the traditional world as of lately – really focusing on and fine-tuning my acting and comedy. I’ve been working on a few scripted series and have been performing a bit around Los Angeles. It’s been a RIDE. I am also now writing! And doing a lot behind the scenes! Of course I love the attention, but something about collaborating and bringing art to life behind the camera has been something I’ve completely fallen in love with. Hoping to get something out soon!