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Spotlight: Katelyn Nacon


Dec 17, 2015

NICKNAME: Kat, Katy, Kate


MOST TEXTED PERSON IN YOUR PHONE: Not sure, I’m in this group text called fam and it’s all my friends in chorus.

DREAM ROLE IN A MOVIE THAT’S ALREADY BEEN MADE: Hannibal Lecter just female version.

DREAM CONCERT TICKET (ANY BAND, ANY DECADE): I’m not really that into a certain artist/ band but I think it would be pretty cool to go see an Aerosmith concert sometime.

CAREER ICON: Meryl Streep

SPIRIT ANIMAL: I think I took a test and got a deer or fawn.

FAVORITE SNEAKERS: Converse high-tops.

FAVORITE BOOK: It’s hard for me to pick favorites but I just finished a really good one called “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

TV ADDICTION: The Walking Dead.

KARAOKE ANTHEM: There are so many good ones! I’m not sure maybe Jessie’s Girl or something along those lines.

LAST MOVIE WATCHED: Shawshank Redemption.

HOW ARE YOU FEELING TODAY? Sleepy, my brain is fried because I had to learn a unit of Physics in about three hours.

WHAT IS POPULAR? A song from the musical Wicked.

If you had to pick one resident of Alexandria to be stuck on a desert island with, who would it be? Aaron. I think he’s the only residents who would really know how to survive in a sticky situation.

Do you think Enid secretly wants a new family of her own? (i.e. Maggie and Glenn) Maybe secretly but I don’t think she could ever admit that out loud or to herself.


  • Hair: Eduardo Ponce for The Only Agency. Makeup: Ashley Gomila for The Only Agency using Kevyn Aucoin Cosmetics. Makeup Assistant: Jaime Diaz.