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London’s New Guard: ALEXANDRA CARL


Jun 18, 2015

“We create characters and visualize dreams,” says Danish-born Alexandra Carl of her profession. She first entered the fashion industry as a model, and was soon styling for Elle and DANSK magazines, scoring a major gig with Adidas while still a teen. Carl is currently fashion director for Rika.

HOMETOWN: “I grew up in Copenhagen and moved to London at 18. Copenhagen is tiny and the industry there is even smaller—I was so bothered when people judged my age before looking at my work. London gave me the opportunity to grow and express myself.”

MANTRA: “‘Just do it.’ I know it’s a cheesy brand rip-off, but it works in so many parts of my life. Throw yourself into the challenge and have fun with
it, and you can never really go wrong.”

LONDON LOVES: “Freedom is a very simple way of describing my love for London. Freedom to be who you are without people pointing fingers, talking behind your back, or turning their heads. And then there is a surprise around every corner.”

WEEKEND RITUALS: “Weekends are precious to me. I love taking time for myself—doing Pilates, cooking a nice breakfast, reading, hanging out at the Columbia Road flower market on Sundays, and ending the day with some good wine and dinner vibes.”

BIG REVEAL: “I’m really superstitious. It was quite an issue when I was a kid as all my neighbors had black cats!”

UP NEXT: “I just launched a capsule collection, X OF COPENHAGEN, in collaboration with a jewelry designer and a leather tailor. I was itching to create iconic pieces that weren’t throwaway or seasonal. They’re tailor-made in Copenhagen from the finest suede, inspired by my interest in sustainability.”


  • Photographed by Hollie Fernando.