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London’s New Guard: Chloe Hayward


Jun 4, 2015

STYLE M.O.: “Whenever possible, I dress like it’s 1975. In another life, I would be Brigitte Bardot living in Saint Tropez, swathed in suede and fur jackets, knee-high boots, and jumpsuits. My personal style has evolved as I’ve watched more foreign films. Those actresses—Anna Karina, Jean Seberg, and Charlotte Rampling—dressed themselves on- and off-camera and rarely had stylists.”

TRICKS OF THE TRADE: “I love the uncertainty that comes with being an actress—the life-changing phone calls when you book something you really want—but it’s a double-edged sword. Dealing with the quiet time in-between jobs takes steely determination. The DIY approach really helps—I’ve made short films with friends and I’m part of an ongoing group that provides me with a special place to fall on my face and get back up again.”

LONDON LOVES: “I live in De Beauvoir. It’s right in the middle of Islington and Hackney, but it feels as though I’m in a little village with tree-lined streets and my own garden. In London, everyone has something cool going on—you can walk into any coffee shop and are guaranteed to meet a screenwriter behind the counter, or learn that the person ordering a croissant in front of you is a designer or artist. There are great things happening on your doorstep—literally. The theater above my local pub, The De Beauvoir Arms, puts on amazing independent productions.”

BIGGEST VICE: “Karaoke, but not only in karaoke bars—in public, on trains, walking, and in coffee shops. I just sing to the soundtrack in my own head. My friends call me a jukebox.”

HOPES, DREAMS, ETC.: “In years to come, I hope I’m on film sets in beautiful places surrounded by creative people telling incredible stories, and I hope the future involves an all-female production company I will have helped set up. And I hope I learn to play the ukulele.”

UP NEXT: “I have a film coming out this year, Stephen Frears’s Icon; Ben Foster stars as Lance Armstrong, and I play his wife. And I’ve just finished filming The Marriage of Reason and Squalor, a TV series directed by artist Jake Chapman. I’m also putting together a short film I wrote with an all-female production team based around the concept of strangers.”


  • Photographed in London by Hollie Fernando.