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Meet Popular Girl: Brittany Curran!


Mar 7, 2019

Meet Popular Girl Brittany Curran! You probably know her from Syfy’s “The Magicians”! She has returned as Fen in season 4. If for some reason you haven’t seen it yet, grab some popcorn and go watch it!

We had a chance to sit down and chat with this Hollywood “It Girl” and asked her some of our exclusive questions!

Tell us about the Syfy show “The Magicians”.
I always describe it as Harry Potter with sex, drugs, and existential crises. Which is fabulous. It’s based on a trilogy of novels by Lev Grossman. Essentially, a group of grad-students in New York City find out that magic is real and that they are actual magicians. They get to admitted to a magical grad school called Brakebills, and then to top it off, find out the magical world they read about growing up, called Fillory, is also real. That’s when my character, Fen shows up.
How are you and Fen similar and how are you and your character different?
Fen and I are both fiercely loyal women with an abundance of joy and positive attitudes towards pretty much everything. She is a king of a magical world and I like to think of myself as a Disney Princess, just without a crown, country estates, any type of ruling power, and no actual basis in reality. I think our biggest differences were more obvious in earlier seasons. Fen happily stepped into her role as silent, obeying wife in her arranged marriage. In addition to constantly being left behind in pretty much everything – even in matters of her own land – the philandering, absentee husband is something I would have walked out of on day one. But Fen was raised in an archaic society where a man’s word was always worth more than a woman’s. Admittedly, I’m still a work in progress myself, but in my own life, I am way way more vocal and assertive for myself. But I’m proud of Fen, she’s progressing and so is Fillory.
Is being on a Syfy show different or similar to any other projects you have done?
It’s both similar and different from anything I’ve done before. It’s grounded stories about complex, flawed, fascinating people, but set in a fantastical, magical world. I love it. It’s a wonderful way to tell stories while lifting the audience out of their preconceived ideas about established earthly matters.
What is your favorite city to film in?
There’s something singularly magical and classic about filming in Los Angeles. Filming on the same soundstages and backlots that silent movie stars once filmed in a hundred years ago is surreal. I filmed at Paramount for years, and one day Jessica Lange walked out of a bathroom stall that I immediately peed in right after. Magic. In terms of shooting on location, I especially love Chicago and Vancouver.
Dream concert ticket (any band, any decade)?
Led Zeppelin. Royal Albert Hall. January 9th, 1970.
Favorite artist?
Led Zeppelin. James Horner.
Karaoke anthem?
Anything Disney princess.
Favorite Movie?
Three way tie between Back to the Future, American Beauty, and Singin in the Rain.
TV addiction?
Westworld. Also currently The Good Place and Supernatural.
Last fashion item purchased?
A book. Etiquette Guide to China. Books are fashion, right? Other than that, a deerstalker hat from the Sherlock Holmes museum in London. Again, that’s fashion, right?
Three people – dead or alive, real or fiction- that you’d like to invite to dinner?
This is hard. I’ll do a list for both. Real: Queen Elizabeth I, Marilyn Monroe, Leonardo da Vinci. Fiction: Albus Dumbledore, Gandalf, Sherlock Holmes.
Tell us a secret/ fun fact about yourself?
I’m obsessed with Tudor history and visiting castles is pretty much my favorite thing ever.
Do you have a party trick?
If by party trick, you mean going to bed at a reasonable hour on the weekends after watching Red Sparrow for the 30th time, then yes.
What does Popular mean to you?
Something that appeals to the taste of the masses. That’s why what’s popular with an individual on a personal level is what I like to put the most stock in.
Can you tell us about any other projects you have coming up?
While on hiatus from my show, I’m producing a documentary about Scotch Whisky called The Water of Life. I also have my first animated film (hasn’t been announced yet) coming out later this year.