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Meet Katie Welch!


Nov 29, 2018

Meet Popular’s new obsession, singer and songwriter, Katie Welch! We can’t stop listening to her new album “Typical Psycho”! If you live in Los Angeles, you can see her sing at the “Vivienne Westwood Rooftop Sessions” on Melrose Place. Also, come join us at the “UNITED CALIFORNIA” concert, at the SkyBar at Mondrian Hotel, where she will be performing! The event is to benefit the victims of the California fires and the borderline shooting. We got a chance to sit down with Katie and ask her some of our exclusive questions.

Check out her website to stay up to date!

Instagram: @imthekatie

Tell Us about your new music?

It’s the most eclectic project I’ve ever made. I really wanted to show every side of myself and all the music and styles that’s inspired me throughout my life, so it’s got everything from dance pop records to heart wrenching ballads to groovy funk to rap so I’m really excited to share it with the world.

What inspires you to be an artist (write/sing…etc) ?

 I’ve always been a performer and a creative little weirdo, I love people, I love the energy exchange of creating something out of nothing and sharing it with people who can connect to it.\`~~|j ifg          Dream Concert (any band, any decade)

 I would have loved to be at Woodstock or any Michael Jackson concert

Favorite Artist?

 Hardest question ever….I have so many Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Prince, Aretha Franklin, Amy Winehouse, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Cher, Lady Gaga I could go on foever honestly but my favorite new artist is JUST LOUD he’s bringing back the funk

Karaoke Anthem?       

 “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” – by the Queen Whitney Houston

Favorite Movie?

 Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion

Favorite snack?

 Dark Chocolate anything

TV addiction?

 The Bold Type

Last fashion item purchased?

 This one of a kind Vintage dress that belonged to a jazz singer who used to open for Frank Sinatra, it’s my greatest treasure to date.

Three people – dead or alive, real or fictional – that you’d like to invite to dinner?

 Oprah, RuPaul and Cher

Do you have a party trick?

I am the party trick lol

Tell us a secret?

I still suck my thumb, shamelessly, so I guess its not really a secret

What does popular mean to you?

Popular means living your truth,  surrounding yourself with things and people that inspire you. Authenticity is magic and being able to express yourself and your truth is the most powerful thing in the world.

Can you tell us about any new music or projects you have coming up?

I’m starting a really cool rooftop concert series with the Vivienne Westwood store in Los Angeles, and I’m gonna start dropping singles of the album in the next couple months.


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