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Meet Kelsey Leon!


Oct 9, 2018

Meet Kelsey Leon! She’s one of the stars of the hilarious YouTube series “Chicken Girls,” and this past summer it was also turned into a comedy movie.

We were excited to catch up with her at her photo shoot in LA. We got a chance to get to know her and ask her some of our exclusive questions.

 Tell us about your show Chicken Girls, and your character, Kimmie?
Chicken Girls is about five best friends who grew up together by their ship name, “Chicken Girls.” There are two rival dance teams; Attaway Dance Team and PowerSurge. The show is all about friendships, relationships, breakups, etc. Kimmie is one of the PowerSurge dancers. She’s a mean girl who speaks her mind.

In what ways are you and your character, Kimmie, similar? In what ways are you different?
Kimmie & I are similar as we’re both dancers. We’re different because I’m not mean in real life.

Tell us about the connection between the show and the movie?
The movie follows the storyline right after the show. You would have to watch the first two seasons to watch the movie. The movie is about two people who kind of like each other and want to be together but don’t know how. At the end, the dance teams combine, and the two fall in love.

Dream concert ticket? Hailee Steinfeld

Favorite Artist? Drake

Karaoke Anthem? “Chemistry” by my friend, Asher Angel

 Favorite Movie? The Kissing Booth

Favorite snack? Popcorn

TV addiction? Young & Hungry

Last fashion item purchased? Topshop Jeans

Three people—dead or alive, real or fictional—that you’d like to invite to dinner? Zendaya, Zac Efron, & Peyton List

Do you have a party trick? Skater turns :)

Tell us a secret? My dog and I have the same birthday.

Since we’re Popular TV, what does popular mean to you?
Usually in movies, being popular means having a clique, being the best dressed, and being known as the most “popular girl” in school because you’re pretty. In my opinion, Popular doesn’t necessarily mean that. Popular means being yourself, being kind to others. In other words, you’re “popular” because you’re sweet and genuine and everyone wants to be your friend.

Can you tell us about any shows or projects you have coming up?
We just wrapped up filming Chicken Girls Season 3, which will be coming out on September 4th. Stay tuned. Other than that, I don’t have any upcoming projects coming out; but I’m working on my craft as episodic season is coming out soon.