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Meet Mary Mouser!


Jun 13, 2018

Meet Mary Mouser, she stars in Cobra Kai,  The Karate Kid series on YouTube Red. We recently caught up with Mary in LA and had a chance to get to know her better. We are super impressed with her talent and drive. Not to mention, she was a blast to hang out with at our photo shoot.

Tell us about your character Samantha in Cobra Kai, The Karate Kid Sequel?
Samantha LaRusso is Daniel LaRusso’s (the original Karate Kid) daughter. She’s tough, and very smart, but she’s caught up in trying to find where she fits in the world. The battle between who she is and who she thinks she wants to be is raging inside of her, and at the end of the day she just wants to fit in. She wants to be cool, but she’s battling with the part of her that knows better than to succumb to what others want you to be.
What was it like working with Ralph Macchio (The original Karate Kid)? How was it playing his daughter?
It was awesome. Ralph is an all-around “DAD”. He always said if I ever needed anything, that I could always call my TV dad. He was very welcoming and made me feel like I was going to be a part of something cool.
How are you and Samantha similar? How are you different?
I like to think I share her fight – she’s got a lot of fight in her and doesn’t let herself be taken advantage of. We’ve both also struggled with bullies (for me in the past but for her presently) and how to find where she belongs in school and with friends. She’s more badass than I am. I don’t have any cool karate moves, outside the ones I learned on set!
Can you tell us about the training for your character?
I had minimal training. I learned a few specific moves, but I did everything I could to practice with the guys on set because I wanted as much Karate as I could possibly get.
Do you have a favorite/ funny moment that happened on set?
During an on-camera interview, Tanner scared me. So to get back at him, I asked a stunt coordinator to pull hard on his harness line during a scene where he was performing a stunt. He was pulled up and flew into the air – flipping all around. We were all laughing so hard.
Three people—dead or alive, real or fictional—that you’d like to invite to dinner?
Edward Cullen, Tom Hiddleston, Tim Burton

Dream concert ticket (any band, any decade)?
My Chemical Romance

Tell us a secret.
I have a weird obsession with the banana plague and the fake banana flavor.
Do you have a party trick?
I can turn my tongue into the four-leaf clover shape
An embarrassing moment?
I had a crush on a guy from another show, and I was able to meet him backstage once. I spilled a bowl of Runts all over the floor and he got on the ground and helped me pick them up. It happened again a year later, but with all my test strips.
Your proudest moment?
Attending the Tribeca Film Festival for the premiere of Cobra Kai.
What does Popular mean to you?
Whatever is hot at the moment.
Can you tell us about any other projects you have coming up?
We just got announced for a season 2, so I’ll be headed back to Atlanta to start filming soon. And I’ll also be in an episode of ROOM 104!