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Meet Miya Cech!


May 30, 2019

We got a chance to meet up with actress Miya Cech who has two Netflix films coming our this summer! “Always Be My Maybe”, a romantic comedy where Miya plays the young version of Ali Wong and then she stars in a completely different genre in “Rim of the World”, where Miya and three other teens join forces to save the world from an Alien invasion.

We got a chance to sit down with her at our photoshoot in the Hollywood Hills and ask her some of our exclusive questions. 

Tell us about your two movies?

I have 2 movies releasing on Netflix in May. One is a RomCom called “Always Be My Maybe” starring Ali Wong and Randall Park.  It’s hilarious and sweet and was so much fun to work on. My other movie is a Sci Fi adventure movie called “Rim of the World”. It’s about 4 very different kids who meet at Summer Camp and have to work together to save the world after an alien invasion!

How are you similar to your characters? And how are you different to them?

In Always Be My Maybe, I play the younger version of Ali Wong’s character.  She’s an aspiring chef and I LOVE to cook and bake so we are very alike in that way. In Rim of the World, I play ZhenZhen who is very street smart and even a little mean in the beginning of the movie, so I don’t feel that I’m that much like her in those aspects.  But she is very much a leader and embodies “girl power” so I do feel like we are similar in that way. I love what she stand for.

Any funny stories / moments on set / bloopers?

I was filming both of these movies at the same time, one in Canada/San Francisco and one in LA so there was a little bit of crazy traveling to make the schedules work. One day, I wrapped later than expected in San Francisco and couldn’t make the last flight back to LA. In order to make it to work the next morning, McG sent a huge tour bus to San Fran to pick me and my mom up and drive us to LA.  I got to sleep and arrive on set like a rockstar!

What would be your idea of a perfect day?

A beach day in Kauai with my family, eating shave ice and swimming.

Three people—dead or alive, real or fictional—that you’d like to invite to dinner?

Oprah, Ellen and Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Dream concert ticket (any band, any decade)?


 Favorite Movie?

Crazy Rich Asians

 Favorite Karaoke Anthem?

I’m old skool- Anything “New Kids on the Block”!

Favorite artist?

Amber Liu (k-Pop)

If you could only eat one thing from now on, what would it be?


Last Fashion Item bought?

Gucci Ace Sneakers that I saved my allowances for.

Tell us a secret/ fun fact about yourself?

I can wiggle my ears

What does popular mean to you?

To influence with kindness.

Can you tell us about any other projects you have coming up?

I’m currently recurring as a guest star on 2 TV shows- American Housewife (I play Ali  Wong’s daughter) and Arrow where I play young Emiko Queen.