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Meet Popular Girl: Natalee Linez!


Feb 7, 2019

Meet Popular Girl Natalee Linez! She will star as Nicole Martinez in the 2nd season of Siren with Eline Powell and Ian Verdun… you know how obsessed we are with Siren! If for some reason you havent seen Siren yet, its on Freeform and it’s about a mysterious myth, that could not be true, but we soon discover it is in fact very true.

We had a chance to sit down and chat with this Hollywood “It Girl” and asked her some of our exclusive questions!

Tell us about your character Nicole Martinez, in Siren?
Nicole is a new girl in the mermaid obsessed town of “Bristol Cove”. She may or may not have an ulterior motive when she arrives. She gets an eye for a fisherman in the town, Xander, but she never strays too far from what she needs to accomplish. I love playing her because she is a boss woman, who although young, is very ambitious and will let nothing get in the way of her job, and with good reason.

We heard you have taken on Krav Maga, tell us about that?
Yes! It’s an amazing self-defense technique originally invented by the Israeli army. I feel like I was drawn to it initially because I have been to Israel before and fell in love with it. Once I took the class, I was hooked. It’s also an amazing work out, so that doesn’t hurt!
What are three of your favorite designers/brands or shops?
I shop mostly at Reformation, For love and Lemons, and Urban Outfitters.
What is your favorite city to visit?
Atlanta. Go Falcons, baby!
Dream concert ticket (any band, any decade)?
Fleetwood Mac. I’d take my momma with me.
Favorite artist?
Taylor Swift
Karaoke anthem?
Man! I Feel Like A Woman -Shania Twain
Favorite Movie?
I watch The Notebook at least three times a year. The Holiday is up there too. But, in a completely different genre I love: Taken, Unbroken, Leon the Professional, Man on Fire.
TV addiction?
Kids Baking Championship. Hands down.
Last fashion item purchased?
Cute little red snake skin dress from Reformation!
Three people – dead or alive, real or fiction- that you’d like to invite to dinner?
J-LO, Selena Gomez, and Karl Lagerfeld. Lol.
Tell us a secret/ fun fact about yourself?
I know every lyric to every single Taylor Swift song…
Do you have a party trick?
The fact that I can’t think of any right now makes me want to go learn how to juggle or open a champagne bottle with a knife… brb.
What does Popular mean to you?
The word “inspire” comes to mind. If you inspire other people around you in a positive way.