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Meet Popular Girl Violett Beane


Apr 17, 2018

Meet Violett Beane, we are obsessed with her! You have to go see her in the in the new horror movie “Truth or Dare”, in theaters now! Definitely bring a friend to this suspenseful movie, it will have you jumping out of your seat. We got a chance to sit down and chat with beautiful and sweet Violett Beane!

What gets you up in the morning? Kisses from my 5 month old puppy! She wakes us up around 7:30am every morning, but I’ve actually really been enjoying having a morning to drink coffee slowly on the couch and reflect before getting out there and starting the day.

In what ways are you and Markie (Violett Beane’s character in Truth or Dare) similar? In what ways are you different?

Markie and I actually both lost our fathers, so when I first read that in the script, I was taken back at first. In acting, it can be difficult to play something that hits so close to home, but I also think it can be healing in a way. For me, I’ve been coping with his death for 12 years and I never really retaliated with anger. Markie however, put a guard up when her dad died and it’s difficult for her to trust and let people in.

Was filming a horror movie a new experience for you? What was it like? I filmed a horror movie a few years ago, but besides that I hadn’t had much experience in the genre. One thing that was pretty crazy about this shoot was that we filmed the movie in 25 days, which for anyone who doesn’t know, is an insanely short amount of time. Everything was very run-and-gun and it kept us on our toes, which is great for a horror film, and I think adds to the suspense.

What was your favorite moment on the set of Truth or Dare? We had so much fun filming every scene for this film, but I think I had the most fun during our big group scene at the mission when we first played truth or dare. It was fun because none of the characters were worried about anything yet and we were unaware of what was to come.

Is there any fun fact about making the movie that you can tell us? Well the first day we all met each other, we actually drove down to Rosarito, Mexico for 24 hours. It was the perfect bonding trip and it really brought us closer which is so important with a friend group like ours in the movie. We also were given iPhones and we took photos and videos of our trip there and that’s actually what the opening credits are!

Your biggest virtue? I try and lead with kindness, especially to strangers. Everyone is going through something we know nothing about, and more often then not, they need help.

Your biggest vice? Sugar. Haha. No but really. I’m very addicted and my doctor does not like that.

Do you have a party trick? I can actually lick my own elbow. Everyone always dares you to do that because it’s supposed to be physically impossible, but I actually can!

 How would you describe your style? Comfortable, sporty, hippie. All in one look.

What would constitute a perfect day for you? Hanging at the park with my boyfriend and dog, or going on a hike with a friend, and then sitting down for an amazing vegan dinner. I love being outside and I LOVE food.

Three people—dead or alive, real or fictional—that you’d like to invite to dinner? Obama, Marilyn Monroe, and Meryl Streep.

Turn ons? Compassion, drive, and ability to love.

Turn offs? Egotistical, unambitious, and rude.

Tell us a secret? I just baked four cookies and ate all of them. My boyfriend came out of the room and said, “You ate all of them?” And I said “I only baked two.” Shhhh…

Your favorite quote? Luck is when hard work meets opportunity.

Your proudest moment? When my dog sat on command the first time. I have it on video!

What does popular mean to you? Confidence to be who you are is popular. And allowing that confidence to be shared with the world.

Could you tell us more about some of the projects you are working on? I just filmed a pilot in New York for CBS called God Friended Me. Fingers crossed it gets picked up!