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Mar 29, 2017

Meet Michelle DeFraites, star of the addictively dishy BET hit series “The Quad”, alongside Anika Noni Rose and Jazz Raycole. You may also recognize Michelle from Paramount’s Sci-Fi thriller, “Project Almanac”, about time traveling gone wrong, but the thing we’re most obsessed with is her blog “Street 23”, where she shares her love for fashion and travel – bookmark it now and check out our Q&A with this awesome girl.

1.What gets you up in the morning? My dog! He wakes me up every morning bright and early.

2. Your biggest virtue? I am very level headed and rational which is so important.

3. Your biggest vice? If patience is a virtue, then being impatient is my vice! Also, overthinking!

4. Do you have a party trick? I don’t know if you call it a trick but I will usually pull out some sweet dance moves

5. How would you describe your style? Tomboy chic.   But I’m trying to wear more dresses!

6. What would constitute a perfect day for you? Get off set, go shopping, eat Taco Bell, and watch How to Get Away with Murder.

7. What would your very last meal entail? Probably some type of seafood pasta!

8. Three people—dead or alive, real or fictional—that you’d like to invite to dinner? Coco Chanel, Rachel Zoe, and Jesus duh!

9. Turn ons? Great style

10. Turn offs? Bad dancer

11. Tell us a secret. Once I ate Chipotle everyday for like 2 weeks straight. Oops!

12. Your favorite quote? It’s not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to get up and dance in the rain.

13. An embarrassing moment? Well earlier today I was making a phone call and had to leave a message. Once I was done, I went to hang up and my phone froze and I just sat there for like 2 minutes trying to figure out how to hang up. I’m sure I sounded like a total idiot in the message.

14. Your proudest moment? Right now actually! It sounds so silly but my pup had surgery last year on his leg and he could barely walk and he’s now getting to the point where he can jump onto the sofa! I’m such a proud mom!

15. Could you tell us more about some of the projects you are working on? Well “The Quad” just premiered on February 1st which was super exciting! So the season is just getting started and we have some really great episodes coming up. After that, I have a movie called “All the Creature Were Stirring” coming out later this year. It’s a Christmas themed thriller, which is going to be super fun, so look out for that!