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Model Behavior: Abigail


Dec 8, 2015

Meet the talented and beautiful Abigail:

What would you be doing for a living if you looked like the rest of us? Talk radio seems like it would be fun? Contrary to popular belief models aren’t mystical beings that only survive due to what society deems as “beauty”. I don’t know why this question is phrased to deem models as depending on looks alone to live and have a career, because that’s never something that I have thought decided my value as a person. The industry is changing and evolving to showcase women and men of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. There is a lot more change that needs to come. Yes, I have been extremely blessed to have been recruited by my current agency when I was 15 and it’s with God willing that I continue to work as a model. I currently work for a production company in Los Angeles as I have been concentrating my efforts in filmmaking with an emphasis in creative producing. I want young women to know that following your passions is more attractive than any picture in a magazine and to always strive to obtain your true potential. However, talk radio would be fun! Is anyone hiring at SIRIUS?

Where’s the best place your travels have taken you? Any exotic adventures? I haven’t really been many places outside of the United States but the place that captured my heart was definitely New York. I went kind of last minute and was flying standby, and had to fly to Connecticut because I couldn’t get a flight into the city. My best friend Karl lives there and said he would pick me up so I ended up going to Connecticut for a couple days then taking a train to a boat to a bus to the Hamptons, then convinced my friend I met in the Hamptons to drive me into the city and drop me off at my other friends apartment. When I got to the city, (I was in Manhattan across from the WTC) I got dressed and ready to go across the street to the 9/11 memorial museum, and got stuck in the elevator for about an hour. By that time the museum was closed so I found $1 pizza and wandered around the city. They have good bagels there too which are my favorite.

What brands/designers would you pay to be the face of? Burberry for sure. (what’s up Christopher Bailey)


  • Styling: Tiffani Rae. Hair: Jefferson Tangradi at The Well. Make-up: Amy Strozzi at TMG-LA using Nars. Retouching: Tomika Davis. Shot at The Well LA.