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Model Behavior: Brynn


Oct 5, 2015

Meet Phototogenics’ beautiful red-head Brynn.

What would you be doing for a living if you looked like the rest of us? Talk radio seems like it would be fun? Oh man, talk radio seems like a nightmare for me! I tend to put my foot in my mouth and/or stutter when I’m put on the spot. If I weren’t modeling, I’d probably be further along with my vintage business that I’m currently working on launching aralda.vintage. Chhheck it out!

Where’s the best place your travels have taken you? Any exotic adventures? As far as where modeling has taken me, probably Tokyo or Greece. Both places kind of feel like time travel. Tokyo is trippy and futuristic, whereas wandering through the cobblestone streets of Athens and seeing the Parthenon was very eerie and took me wayyy back.

What brands/designers would you pay to be the face of? (For the official record your answer isn’t to be taken literally.) Would I be no fun if I said I would never pay to be the face of anything? Ok, ok. Miu Miu, Marni, Celine or Saint Laurent.