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Model Behavior: Olivia Arben


Dec 13, 2018

Get to know british “it girl” and model Olivia Arben! We got a chance to sit down and ask her some of our exclusive questions.

What made you want to model? I used to model in hair shows when I was about 15 but was actually scouted on Instagram by my Mother Agent. With the growth of social media my modelling career has also given me a wonderful and gratifying platform to be able to connect and engage with others.
What is your message to agencies about height? I am 5’7” and having spoken to other models of the same height, or smaller, I have found we have all experienced discrimination due to our height at some point during our careers. We echo similarities with the plus size movement which I completely support, their message being, if you stock clothes in their size then they deserve to represent the people who buy them – not everyone is a size zero and not everyone is over 5’9”. I think its important that all sizes and heights are available within the industry to represent this for brands.
What are three of your favorite designers/brands or shops? Karl Lagerfeld for clothes, Rene Caovilla for shoes and Monica Vinader for beautiful, wearable jewellery.

What is your favorite city to model in? Definitely London.
Dream concert ticket (any band, any decade)? Michael Jackson every time, any concert, any decade.
Favorite artist? my favourite musical artist is Michael Jackson!!!! My favourite graffiti artist is Alec Monopoly. I recently bought a piece of his art for our new home and it makes me smile every time I look at it.
Karaoke anthem? No one wants to hear me me!
Favorite Movie? Harry Potter, all 8 of them, back to back, “always’.
TV addiction? Louis Theroux documentaries, Blue Planet & Family Guy.
Last fashion item purchased? a cream Alexander Wang Mini Rockie bag and a black corset top from I.AM.GIA.
Three people – dead or alive, real or fiction- that you’d like to invite to dinner? Seth Macfarlane, Jared Leto and Naomi Campbell.
Tell us a secret/ fun fact about yourself? I am fascinated by ghosts and would love to do an episode of Ghost Hunt!!

Do you have a party trick? I can make animals out of paper napkins – swans are a particular speciality. Does that count?!

What does Popular mean to you? Being popular means that people are attracted to you, for whatever reason. The consequently value your opinions and behaviour and that itself comes with a responsibility to act with honesty, integrity and compassion.

Can you tell us about any other projects you have coming up? I am flying to Ireland in January to shoot a fashion editorial for YOU magazine which I am really looking forward to. I am also currently the face of the British Heart Foundation’s new Christmas party wear campaign and as an ambassador we have further events planned to raise awareness and funding for heart and circulatory diseases in the New Year.