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Model Behavior: Heidi


Dec 23, 2016

Meet South African beauty Heidi Verster.

Have you been on a Safari? I have been on a safari! The last time I went to a safari called Leopards Hill. It’s beautiful. It’s basically a small group of people on the island (they call it the island) and they only have 6 rooms available with max of 12 people occupancy. We will have barbecue every evening then whoever wants to go see the animals you can meet every morning at 7 a.m. for a Jeep ride through the reserve–it’s beautiful. You should really go one day!  

Any extraordinary animal encounters? I had a pool deck right outside my hotel room and the elephants would come five steps away to drink water from the pool. I really felt close to all the animals during my visit.

You a big beach person? It’s really sad but I can’t swim especially being from South Africa. I’m scared of going into the ocean–I had a moment when I was younger where I fell into a pool and almost drown so I have this fear of water. I mean I will go into a pool if I’m with a group of friends but going into the ocean is a little… risky! I love going to the beach though–sunbathing and playing games.

First thing you do when you go back to South Africa? The very first thing I do when I go back to South Africa is–when i arrive to the airport I buy beef jerky it’s called Biltong. In South Africa it’s very popular and I grew up with it as a kid. I will eat it 24/7–it’s so good.

What’s it like coming back to New York? For every time I come back to New York I’m so happy–you know when you’re arriving in the evening you drive from the airport into the city and see all the lights it makes me so happy–I always I have the biggest smile on my face. Actually, when I get back to New York I go back into a routine. I cook at home, I go to the gym and work–just keep busy. It’s different from my time in South Africa when I’m with family and friends–barbecuing all the time, wine tastings, safaris and just having a good time.

Favorite dish to cook? I love to make Potjiekos. It’s an Afrikaan meat stew with vegetables served on rice. We love our stews in South Africa!