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Model Behavior: Inga


Jun 26, 2015

Meet Inga, Muse NYC’s stunning Russian babe.

Have you ever been starstruck?
I met Cindy Crawford not long ago. For me she has always been the standard of beauty, and an example to follow, especially meeting her at age 48, she looked amazing, radiating crazy energy and charm. She was very friendly and asking me questions about my modeling career but I was kind of hypnotized and struggled to even have a conversation. All I can say this is how woman should look regardless of age!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever had to wear for a shoot?
It’s was a shoot for cosmetic brand for body product in Spain. I was dressed in a latex suit, and was submerged in a bath with honey and gold particles.The hardest thing was to put it on and take it off after an 8 hour shoot and wash all honey from my hair, as during the shoot they poured me with honey from head to toe!

What’s the band (past or present) you’re dying to join?
I studied piano but honestly I never really liked it. If I would ever play music it’s would be guitar and drums, I just enjoy listening to music. For me, it’s sound from the soul. My favorite is a Russian singer name Zemfira.