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Model Behavior: Janke


Aug 20, 2015

Meet FM London‘s South African beauty.

Have you ever been starstruck? Yes! Justin Bieber went to South Africa (my home country) in 2013 as part of his world tour. I had my dad stand in the ticket line from 6 o’clockon the morning the tickets went on sale, just for me to be absolutely sure I got a golden circle ticket for my birthday. I did the whole countdown thing and I made very sure I was in the front row on the night of his concert singing my heart out.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever had to wear for a shoot? Once I had to shoot the look book of a local designer’s graduate collection which was avant-garde inspired. Her collection was extremely abstract and my outfit ended up looking like a big white fat suit. I kind of looked liked an obese turtle wearing it. Nothing flattering about that! It was extremely funny and on some very cold winters days, I do actually miss it! Haha.

What’s the band (past or present) you’re dying to join? Past: Pink Floyd.