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Model Behavior: Nastya


Mar 7, 2016

Meet Freedom Models’ the beautiful Nastya.

Do you have any special talents, or career aspirations in addition to modeling? Yes, I can draw well. I’m also interested in astrology and can speak Polish.

Any funny stories from a shoot or in your travels? Or has it all been smooth sailing? Hmm… Interesting time in my life. When I was young, my daddy worked as a truck driver. And I wanted to travel with him but he said: “When you grow up you will travel more than me”. But I didn’t believe him then. And I have never been by the seashore since he died but his words finally held up. Now I can work all around the world and I am very happy of this. When I’m 16 I first visited Japan with only Russian language knowing. It was hard first but I began learning languages and in two months I start speaking Japanese with local taxi drivers. Since then I fell in love with that country. I was shot there in one cute and funny video on TV.

What inspires you creatively? What dream I have? I think I wanna shoot in a film. But I’m afraid it’s a little problem because of my English… So I will study hard and do it. However, I did it before. Now there is new film in Russia which is called “Srochno viidu zamuzh” and during all the film there were my photos and I was really surprised.


  • Styling: Tiffani Rae. Hair and makeup: Madeline North. Maje jacket. VTG-STQ top. Avant Toi cardigan. Francesca Marotta pants.