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Model Behavior: Nikki


Aug 25, 2015

Meet Muse’s beautiful partner in crime-fighting, Nikki.

Have you ever been starstruck? I always hold my composure pretty well, but yes there were a couple incidences that I was starstruck. One was when I was walking in a Marc Jacobs show, and Johnny Depp was in the audience. He is, by far, the biggest celebrity crush that I have, so one could just imagine how nervous I felt walking down the runway right in front of him with all eyes on me!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever had to wear for a shoot? I’ve had to wear a lot of crazy things for shoots, but I’d have to say that the craziest thing was a full on latex body suit, as well as, a latex skirt with matching latex knee-highs. I felt like I was either about to star in a fetish film, or go fight crime. It was a weird type of crazy.

What’s the band (past or present) you’re dying to join? The Mars Volta! I think it would be so amazing and inspiring to create music with them. All of their albums tell a compelling story, whether it be about a ouija board they got from Jerusalem that haunted them and the entire making of the album, or about one of their friends that fell into a coma.


  • Stylist: Benjamin Russell. Hair: Kiyonori Sudo. Makeup: Andrew Colvin.