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#OnWendesday WeWearPink: Pink Decor For Room


May 6, 2020

Are you tired of being at home, right?! We know!
The good part of being in quarantine, though, is that you have time to develop your personal projects, to cut your bangs, decor some spot from your house, meditate…, and many other kinds of stuff!
To help you end this boredom and this anxiety caused by quarantine, we decided to pick some room decor ideas for you – guess what?- IN PINK!
Maybe it’s time to make some changes in your home and create a very comfy, modern, and renovate spot. You can create a collage with old magazines, paint some old boxes, build up a wall full of frames or create a bookshelf in some empty wall of your room. All of the ideas are extremely easy to make and everything you will need is patience, time, and creativity (that we know our populars have it <3).


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