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Popular Girl: Anneliese Judge


Jun 10, 2020

Annie Sullivan is the aspiring photographer and “Teen Magnolia” that we deserve. Portraying the teen who is just trying to figure it all out is newcomer Anneliese Judge.

Based in the small town of Serenity, South Carolina the show follows three moms and childhood best friends as they figure out how best to navigate life and run a business all while raising three “Teen Magnolias”.

Keep reading to learn more about Popular Girl Anneliese!


1. Tell us about your character Annie and Sweet Magnolias?

Sweet Magnolias follows 3 moms who were all childhood best friends as they lift each other up while juggling relationships, family, and careers. The show also follows their children, the ¨Teen Magnolias¨, who have been friends since the cradle, and their complicated relationships. I portray Annie Sullivan, Dana Sue Sullivan’s (Brooke Elliott) daughter. Annie is an aspiring photographer, art leads her to interesting places as an artist and an individual. She is an important member of the next generation of the show and she has her share of conflicts across the season, learning some hard lessons along the way. As with all of the Sullivans, Annie is a strong-willed young woman, trying to find her place in the town of Serenity, and the world. 


2. How are you and your character similar? How are you different?

I resonate with so much of Annie, she truly is me. Annie and I both grew up in small, southern towns, where everybody knows everybody else (and their business…fortunately or unfortunately) . Annie works for her mom at their family restaurant, ¨Sullivans¨ and before I landed this role I was working at an equally popular, family owned restaurant here in my hometown.  As determined and talented as Annie is, she is also incredibly grounded. I would like to think of myself as the same. I am strong willed and like Annie, I also was looking to see more of the world outside of where I grew up. Looking at the differences between Annie and I, she struggles very much with the separation of her parents. Annie lives with her mom, but misses her dad very much and we see a lot of that anger and bitterness towards Dana Sue. I am very fortunate to not be in this situation, my parents have been happily married for over 20 years and I am very thankful for that. Annie is also an only child, this may contribute to her personality and who she is, but I can not relate to that as I am the middle child of 3. I definitely feel like Annie is a very relatable character and I can’t wait for everyone to fall in love with her and her story.


3. What was the filming of ¨Sweet Magnolias” like? 

It was wonderful. That is probably the best word to describe it, truly wonderful. From the cast to the directors to the crew, it was a joy. I am so thankful for the friends I made and the things I learned! Not one day wasn’t an adventure.


4. This is going to be your first major acting credit! How did the role come about? 

Though this is my first major acting credit, I did not feel unprepared in the slightest. Having trained for over 5 years, I felt very comfortable in front of the camera and with on-set lingo. The role came about like any other audition, I received the invitation from my agent and submitted my self-tape response. About a week later I was asked to travel to Atlanta for an in person call-back. In this moment, I felt so strongly that the role was mine. I didn’t have any evidence behind that statement, but I practiced daily manifesting and meditation and something was telling me that this was mine and meant for me. With a clear head, I nailed the second round of auditions and days later was offered the role.


5. How did you get into acting? 

A little over 5 years ago, I was actually approached by a talent agent while watching an acting class and asked if I had ever considered modeling or acting. That conversation and the class itself sparked my interest immediately. I did some research and signed with that agency a week later. I started my very first acting classes with Drew Matthews at his private studio: I was hooked. I credit my initial love for acting to him, his energy and the way that he teaches is mesmerizing. Over the years he has become a great friend and mentor.


6. An embarrassing moment? 

OMG. I am laughing writing this, but when I was 16, I went to get my drivers license like any other teen. I was so nervous, I had been practicing for weeks and weeks. I was on the road with my driving instructor when it started raining. Not just raining, literally monsooning. At that moment I realized I had no idea how to turn on my windshield wipers, so I proceeded to flick the turn indicator up and down repeatedly until the instructor forced me to pull over and figure it out. Needless to say, I failed my test and cried hysterically the whole way home.


7. Your proudest moment? 

Not to be cliche, as I have had many moments in my life that I have been proud of, but booking Sweet Magnolias tops them all. It is my proudest moment to date.


8. What is your dream role? 

I don’t necessarily have a dream role, but it would be an honor to be cast alongside Sandra Oh. She is immensely talented and I am a huge fan of hers.


9. Go-to quarantine snack and activity? 

Oreo thins are a must! My mom and I have been doing lots of jigsaw puzzles recently, definitely a family activity I would recommend.


10. Last thing you purchased? 

Brownie mix.


11. Last song you listened to?  

Savage Remix (feat. Beyonce) by Megan Thee Stallion


12. Do you have a party trick? 

I wish.


13. Can you tell us a secret? 

I love lo mein. That is so random, but lo mein and asian cuisine is something I could not live without.


14. What does Popular mean to you? 

To be popular is to be well known and liked, but for the right reasons. To be a positive role model and influence on those who look to you for guidance.


15. Can you tell us about any other projects you have coming up? 

I have a few things in the works, but with COVID-19 there are many uncertainties. At this time, I am working to remain in the moment, present, and positive, while continuing my training until it is safe to move forward.


Keep up with Anneliese on Instagram and Twitter and catch her on ‘Sweet Magnolias’ on Netflix right now!




  • Photographer David Higgs @higgsy_photography