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Popular Girl: Ariana Lee


Jul 15, 2020

If gaining 1M followers on TikTok since this took place doesn’t impress you then I don’t know what will!

Not only is Ariana Lee a talented DIY expert and TikTok extraordinaire, but she does it all with a less than ideal wifi circumstances. Living in Northern California makes for the perfect backdrop for her videos as a lot of her videos include marbling, tie-dye, pranks soon friends, and even some pretty aesthetic baking (seriously check out her tie-dye cookies video).

But this teen is so much more than your average Toker (let’s make this a thing if it isn’t)! Partnering with The Network Effect, Ariana helps design and model for Ivory Ella, a clothing company that donates 10% of their net profits to saving the elephants. She also works with Project Sunshine, an organization that brings volunteer-led programming to pediatric patients and their families in a variety of medical settings. 


1. How did you get to be an absolute DIY expert?
Well since I live in the mountains I am pretty far away from any type of store. So I just started using simple household items.


2. You live a very unique lifestyle in remote Northern California with no Internet access – how has that had an effect on your career, since it involves constantly being online?
Good question! While I wouldn’t trade living here for anything, I am definitely digitally challenged when it comes to having service up here. I’ll create videos and just wait for LTE to pop up and hurry to post! Live Streaming is a challenge too but I’m not complaining!

In way affecting my career, I think that I’m actually lucky that I HAVE to wait to post because it gives me time to review and make changes, or just taking my time, in general, is helpful.  If I have a DIY fail, I can do it over without stress.  So, I’d say it’s a benefit to have the time to put into my content. 


3. I 100% watched your journey ‘tumbling’ rocks. What’s your secret to TikTok and making content you think people want to see?
I’m SO glad I got that rock tumbler! It’s very cool!

I actually just do things that I like and that interest me. Fun little projects that maybe I can or can’t do lol! I really just use things that are in the house and of course, I’ll order some things to try and hope that people like it :)

4. You also recently hit 10M on the platform and are halfway to 11! What is your next goal?
10 million followers are still hard for me to believe! I am SO grateful to everyone that follows me. I read all of the comments and try to respond as much as I can give my limited access to the Internet. As for goals I would like to keep growing on all of my platforms and hopefully use them for good.


5. Between Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, what is your favorite platform to use?
Whew! That’s a hard question because I feel like they all have their own ecosystem if you will.

But I’d say Tiktok and Instagram are my favorites mainly because they are shorter-form video platforms for me. And of course, still shots on Instagram are a must! I think they complement each other well as far as looking into a creator’s vibe. As for YouTube I’m constantly watching videos and look forward to creating more longer-form content this summer! I’m really excited about that!


6. What is the last text that you sent and who did you send it to?
“Love you too, we are about to do an escape room” Sent to my Mom :)


7. How did you become an ambassador for Ivory Ella and what are you currently working on with them?
Brian Nelson from the Network Effect contacted me about a year ago about Ivory Ella. I’ve learned SO much about what they do, not only Save The Elephants but also what they do for people and a variety of organizations. I love being a part of that and seeing the results, for me, it’s very rewarding!


8. Along with your work for Ivory Ella, do you see yourself having a career in fashion?
Yes definitely! I’ve been designing some clothing and also have done some modeling. I really love the creative side of fashion. Although I love a hoodie and simple everyday wear, I would love to put my own spin on that!


9. Tell us about your work with Project Sunshine.
Project Sunshine is an amazing organization! They believe that no child should be alone in the hospital as well as children that need some joy in their lives that are in pediatric care. During this time where COVID-19 has limited if not zero visiting time for patients, I think it’s important to help where we can.  When I thought of a little kid in the hospital who can’t see their mom or family member, I felt super saddened.  I have two siblings and the thought of anything happening to them and having no visitation just hits me hard.

Project sunshine is currently trying to tackle that issue by sending fun kits to hospitals around the country to help bring them some joy. But when the amazing volunteers are allowed back in, they will help fill the void. Pretty amazing people!

We all got to put in our opinion on the Hope collection that is selling through Ivory Ella where 100% of the money goes to this cause. It’s working really well!


10. Where do you see your content going in the upcoming years?
I feel like I’ll start a series of both long and short-form videos. The digital climate changes SO fast I don’t know what the capabilities will be in the upcoming years, but I hope that it will allow me to help as many people as I can.


11. Your birthday is coming up in July! Considering we may all still be inside, do you have any quarantine birthday
Yes! It is!

I think health and safety come before my birthday!  I like being with my family, so I don’t mind that. I hope it goes away soon for all people’s sake. 


12. What is something you wish you got asked more in interviews?
I wish interviewers would ask…what do you plan on doing with your following or any influence you may have?


13. Tell us a secret.
Hmmm. The electricity goes off at my house at 11 pm every night :(


14. What does Popular mean to you?
It’s nice to have a good and active following.  I don’t know about popularity as much unless I’m at Playlist-Live or a mall, it’s very very flattering! But because I’ve not really had the word “popular” in my vocabulary as it relates to me, I don’t think about that. Only that if I become super popular, how can I work towards a greater good in society with whatever popularity I may achieve?


15. Can you tell us about any other projects you have coming up?
I’m working on some ideas for a series for both IGTV and YouTube :)


Keep up with Ariana on Instagram and TikTok and tune in to see all of her content (maybe even for that new series)!