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Popular Girl: Ava Jules


Jan 31, 2021

With 1.3-Million Subscribers and 100-Million Views on her main YouTube Channel alone, Ava Jules is quickly becoming one of our and the world’s favourite new creators to watch. Based in Hawaii, the 20-year-old YouTuber has managed to build up a massive fanbase over the years while remaining consistent and becoming a role model for her young audiences in the process. Throughout her content and light-hearted videos, she is seen sharing her latest tips and tricks for fashion, beauty, self-care, workouts/yoga, organization, studying, island adventures and more, while always promoting body positivity, self-confidence, environmental/oceanic preservation.

We recently had the pleasure of talking to Ava Jules about her career as a creator, as well as discussing topics such as balancing life and career, her relationship with fashion design, her plans for the rest of this year and much more.


What was the initial motivation behind starting your YouTube channel?

To be truthful.. the only motive was to show off my Justin Bieber merch and share my fangirl love online.


How has your content evolved over the years?

My content changes as I change as a person and if you scroll down my YouTube channel, you can see the shift in content. To me, it’s important that I grow with my channel. I don’t want to be “stuck” making a certain type of video or style of content. It’s interesting as a creator to find my personal style of filming and editing, but right now I’ve really found my groove.


When did you realize that this can be more than a hobby and that you could eventually turn it into a career?

It was when I got my first paying job and got flown out to Montreal, Canada to be a part of a modeling campaign! I was so excited, a little unsure if it was legit or not, and after that I had a moment where I was like.. this could all actually be something.


What was your first viral moment as a creator?

Funny enough, there was never a viral video that changed everything for me. I’m actually pretty glad about this, because it was a more slow and steady growth. However, the year of 2018 was when my numbers across my platforms started to go up significantly.


Other than being a YouTuber, you are taking online classes as a college student, and working as a Photographer and Fashion Designer. How do you manage to balance everything and stay productive?

If there was a perfect formula on how I balance my life, trust me I’d share it! It really depends on what I have coming up, but my most helpful tip is to write a weekly to-do list and a daily one. This helps me keep on top of upcoming things that I might forget otherwise. Also, one of my favorite tips is to find when you’re most productive! Not everyone is an early morning riser who can grind out their work in the A.M. Find your groove.


You have a new sustainably-designed merch line coming soon. Talk to us a bit about that and how it came about.

I’ve had designs in my head for ages now and I’ve been waiting for the perfect partner who could help me bring my vision to life. One of the most important factors in creating merch was that it be eco-conscious. As I learn about how I can live more sustainably, I want to share what I learn with others. Releasing sustainably-designed merch will hopefully inspire others to do what they can to make a positive impact on the earth and make them feel good while wearing it!


You are very vocal about your passion for protecting the ocean and the environment. What are 3 easy things someone can do in order to live in a more environmentally-friendly way?

1. Bring reusable bags with you. It’s perfect for grocery store runs or carrying things around and you can save tons of plastic bags this way.

2. Say goodbye to cases of plastic water bottles. Get a reusable one! They’re better for the environment and much cuter too.

3. Be open to changing some things in your life. A big change I made a year or so ago was saying goodbye to makeup wipes and hello to reusable cotton rounds. It was definitely a change, but I believe the smallest changes add up to be big.

Talk to us a bit about your journey with fashion design. Are you aiming to expand on that in the future and maybe start your own clothing brand or is it more of a hobby?

I hope to learn more about the fashion industry and one day create my own brand! I’m still new to the space and have lots of room for improvement, but I’m excited.


Who are some of your favourite YouTubers, that you regularly watch and are inspired by?

Claudia Sulewski has been a fave of mine for years now. Her content is so beautifully filmed and edited, it feels like I’m watching a short film. Another YouTuber I’ve gotten into more recently is Jacie Marie. I love that her vlogs are pretty lengthy because her life interests me a lot and it’s relaxing to sit down and watch.


You are undoubtedly a very creative person. Are you aiming to branch out to other forms of art in the future, such as music or acting for example?

I’d love to dive a bit more into acting some day. In 2019, I had my first acting experience on a web series that really opened my eyes to the world of film and Hollywood. It was crazy to me that filming one small scene could take up to twenty or thirty times!


How was growing up in Hawaii like? Would you ever consider moving somewhere else?

Growing up in Hawai’i is the biggest blessing because I feel so connected to nature and I was raised to have the “Aloha Spirit” wherever I go. Moving somewhere else is a scary thought, but I definitely want to experience it at some point.


You are a role model for promoting a strong message of body positivity and self-confidence. What would you say to any of our young readers who may be struggling with the same self-image issues you might have struggled with?

Know that you are so unique and beautiful. Say nice things to yourself in the mirror. Get rid of that negative self-talk, which I know can be hard, and replace it with kind words. Judge yourself less because you’re the only you out there and are worthy of amazing things.


What was on your 2021 resolution? Any exciting plans for this year?

My top two new year’s goals are to be more present and read two books every month. So far so good! This year is exciting because I am finally working on and releasing projects that have been in the works for a while now. Other than that, 2020 taught me that nothing is guaranteed, so I’m just going with the flow right now.


Are you ever recognized in public? If yes, how does it feel meeting your fans in person?

Yes! I love meeting my viewers in real life because they are seriously so sweet. Since they already know so much about me, my favorite thing is getting into conversations and getting to know them more. The feeling is indescribable.


Is there anything else you wanted to add or say to your fans?

You are capable of doing great things!