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Popular Girl: Bebe Wood


Jun 17, 2020

Are you ready? The “Love, Simon” spin-off “Love, Victor” premieres today on Hulu and PopularTV could not be left out of it.

We were excited to interview Popular Girl Bebe Wood, one of the stars of the series and a proud mother of succulents’. In the series, Bebe plays Lake, a young girl addicted to social media, and Victor’s best friend.

We got the chance to talk to Bebe and ask if she identifies with Lake, her last sent text, and her guilty TV show. Keep reading to find out more!


1. Tell us about your role in “Love, Victor”!
The show revolves around a group of young people all struggling with their own respective “thing.” Lake is among this bunch. She’s frivolous, fun, and appreciates the occasional (or frequent) selfie, though she has a soft, vulnerable side underneath. It is also worth noting her best friend is played by the completely and utterly irresistible Rachel Hilson.


2. ‘Love, Simon’ is regarded as an idealistic movie while ‘Love, Victor’ is considered the “realistic” version. What’s your take on it?
Everyone has a unique journey with their sexuality that’s absolutely specific to that individual. Navigating that road takes time and courage. It requires one to ask difficult questions to themselves and to the people around them. Both Simon and Victor had/have to ask themselves those tough questions. I think perhaps, by the circumstances of their own individual lives, they’re just asking different ones.


3. What is something you learned while filming the show?
This is a slightly more pragmatic answer rather than a fun one, but because this was my first time working so many hours a day, I learned some pretty intense organizational skills that were definitely NOT there before.

4. What was a memorable moment from the set?
This isn’t necessarily a moment from the set, but the cast and I rented a cabin out in the mountains right after we filmed our pilot episode. We developed this little routine of hiking, building fires, singing songs, swimming, and cooking dinners. It was very cozy. That was also where Rachel introduced me to the Bachelorette… guilty as charged. We had karaoke evenings and played hide and seek or capture the flag with all the lights off. We thought we were going to get accosted by some ghostly woodland entities several times. Summer camp vibes for sure.

5. What was the difference in shooting a show like ‘The Real O’Neals’ and ‘Love, Victor’?
“Love, Victor” was my first time being a part of something where the majority of my scene partners were people my age. When you’re filming a show about young adults, with young adults, it truly feels like you’re going back to high school again or something. Since we were always hanging out on the Creekwood set, since we’re all within the same age group, there was an energy that definitely felt new to me!

6. Your bio says “Proud mother of succulents”. How many succulents and what are their names?
Oh, man… I have too many succulents to count. My favorite child (yes, I have one), his name is Ollie. He is very lovely and has an orange flower atop his head.

7. What is your funniest audition story?
I’m very forgetful when it comes to auditions. After I step out of that casting office, it’s like it may as well have never happened. For some reason, my brain just doesn’t compute those memories, though I DO remember a time I was fully sobbing in my car before a producer session (I truly cannot remember why), and after pulling myself together, when I went into the room, they all pointed out that for some reason there were bright red streaks on my face. They were all very concerned about my health for some reason and wouldn’t let it go. Though I knew EXACTLY the cause, I told them I “had heatstroke” to save myself from a proper explanation. So bizarre. It wasn’t really a big deal, but it was one of those things where I was like, “I DO NOT NEED THIS TODAY.”

8. What is the last text that you sent?

9. Guilty pleasure YouTuber/Show?
Yeah… probably the Bachelorette. I do NOT like the Bachelor. That I truly find no joy in, but the Bachelorette is highly addictive and entertaining, even though I refuse to believe I think so. (But I do).

10. What was the last thing you watched, bought, and listened to?
The last thing I watched was Queer Eye Season 5. The last thing I bought was international stamps to support the USPS. (Send mail to your friends y’all! I promise it’s fun!) And the last thing I listened to is “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire” by The Ink Spots.

11. You’ve been pretty vocal on your platform about recent events. Why do you think it’s important for people to speak up and what is your advice on how to be involved?
I think being politically active is a fundamental necessity of being human. Some people are scared of “politics,” because perhaps it’s foreign to them, and it’s simply not a commonly encouraged topic of discussion. However, these recent events have nothing to do with politics, so there is no excuse to NOT speak up. These recent events are sole regarding BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS, which is even more of a fundamental necessity than anything else.

Follow @osopepatrisse on Instagram, join organizations, and do your own individual research about the topic. I feel it’s much more impactful to put in the time, educate oneself, learn about different movements, and figure out what the best method of involvement is for that person. That’s the least one can do, though that does take time. It’s not just a report or an answer away.

12. What is something you wish you got asked more in interviews?
What hairstyle in the history of Tilda Swinton’s hair is my favorite? Naturally.

13. Tell us a secret.
The other day I briefly forgot the word for “gymnasium” and called it a “sports court” instead.

14. What does Popular mean to you?
I think popularity isn’t directly proportional to your follower count, or how many friends you have. I don’t think I ever really thought much of the word “popular,” as long as you’re happy with yourself and the people you choose to surround yourself by. Does “popular” mean people would randomly start handing me cups of tea wherever I went through? Cause maybe I’ll start thinking about it more…

15. Can you tell us about any other projects you have coming up?
I’ll be releasing my debut EP and some singles later this year! Everything else is sort of up in the air. Thanks, Corona! (Though we love social distancing and protecting others’ safety).


If you are as in love with Bebe as we are, go watch her on “Love, Victor” TODAY on Hulu. Oh, and obviously follow her on Instagram, and Twitter. We need to honor Lake!


  • Photographer Chase Cope