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Aug 26, 2020

If you watched “The Kissing Booth” 1 and 2, you DEFINITELY know this cutie, Bianca Bosch! In the film, she plays the flirtatious and fun-loving Olivia, leader of The OMG’s; the most popular group of girls on campus!

Born and raised in a small town on the eastern cape of South Africa, Bianca knew from an early age that her place would be in the entertainment industry. Her mom was a professional dancer and Bianca started ballet at just four years old, so the talent and love for art are in her blood!

In addition to acting, Bianca loves pilates and all the activities that connect her with her body and energy. She is a lover of life!

1. Congrats on the Kissing Booth Trilogy – we’re so excited for the third one! You put the O in OMG as Olivia. How similar is she to who you were in high school?

I didn’t really enjoy school, because all I wanted to do was dance, act, and sing. I ended up going to 3 different high schools, so I never became part of a solid “clique,” mainly because I found cliques to be a cliche, and didn’t want to conform. I’ve always strived towards going against the grain and being an individual. I spent all my time at dancing rehearsals, or rehearsing for drama exams or musicals, performing in shows, and competing in championships- that’s what made me the happiest. Maybe you could call me “the drama kid?” Although I made very good friends, I prefer one-on-one relationships over being a part of big groups. Whereas Olivia is part of the popular “it” girl group at school, that is what she conforms to and is defined by. Olivia is the ditsy, bubbly, fun-loving blonde of the group. I would definitely describe myself as similar in that respect, but I believe we both have a depth beyond our initial impression.


2. If you could give the OMGs any storyline what would it be?

That each of the OMGs ends up with their dream boy, and that we get to take a deeper look into their lives as individuals.


3. Seeing as the movie is filmed primarily in South Africa, what was the audition process for the first movie?

This was the first audition I’d ever been to! I had arrived back in South Africa after finishing my studies at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles and decided to get an agent during the season. My agent ended up sending me to The Kissing Booth audition for the role of Lee’s girlfriend, Rachel. Being my first audition, I was nervous but so excited for this new experience. It was exhilarating! 3 weeks later, I got an email to say I had a callback, but this time the director wanted to see me for the role of Olivia. Each time I left, I would leave the audition in the room, and carry on with my life! You cannot hold onto it- it will make you go crazy! Another 3 weeks later, and I was called in for another callback, and this time there were hundreds of girls there that looked just like me. Petite blondes! Suddenly, I felt like I could possibly have a chance, but instead of falling into fear, I decided to just enjoy the process and just do my best. Taking that pressure off myself, in hindsight, allowed me to get out of my head, be in the moment, and purely perform! They kept calling us into the room and switching each character with different actors. For this callback, we were told to prepare for all 3 characters, Gwyneth, Mia, and Olivia. Eventually, after performing in a variation of “OMG” groups, swapping us around to see who looked and worked well next to each other, they called out the names of the people they would like to see again… they called my name second to last! Once again, I left and carried on with my life. A few weeks later (which felt like months), my agent called asking me to attend another callback. When I got there, there were only two other girls…I thought, “game on, here’s my final competition.” Meanwhile, turns out those two beautiful ladies would soon become my new best friends. We all auditioned again, and a month later I got a call from my agent to say “I just want to congratulate you! You booked the role!”


4. Speaking of South Africa, you and a few of your other castmates are from there. What was it like shooting so close to home?

I think it was an amazing confidence booster. Coming from a developing country, it was confirmation that I have what it takes to be a part of an international film. I also had a huge sense of pride representing South Africa, not only showing off all its beauty, but proving that we are capable of delivering exquisite locations, professional hair and makeup teams, wardrobe stylists, and of course, the rest of the cast and crew members who made it all possible.


5. Did you imagine that films would be so successful?

I don’t think anybody did! I was taken aback at how well the first film was received, being the most re-watched movie of 2018.


6. The Kissing Booth was originally a Wattpad story. Since the release of the film, have you gone and read any of the upcoming books or fan stories about the film?

I obviously received the screenplays before the books were released. I have only read the first book, The Kissing Booth.


7. Can you tell us a fun memory from the set?

There were SO many. As any actor knows, on a film set there’s a lot of rushing and a lot of waiting. While hanging around, we would all entertain each other for hours. Especially Zandi and Judd, who play Gwyneth and Ollie. A fun memory from the second movie was when we filmed the Halloween party at a real castle! The set design and decor were phenomenal, and we got to be driven around in a 1959 red Cadillac Coupe Deville convertible. Previously owned by Sylvester Stallone! The scene was cut from the movie, but the OMGs and Tuppen arrive to the party in the Cadillac and make their grand entrance down the red carpet.


8. Team Marco or Team Noah?

I’m going to keep that secret to myself ;)


9. You also previously worked on ‘Killer Instinct’ which is totally different from Kissing Booth. What were the differences from working on a film vs TV?

It’s a lot more similar than you think; it’s not live television. Everything is still shot out of order, and there is still a 3-act structure. If anything, because it was a documentary, it was a lot shorter so took a lot less time to film.


10. Seeing as the Kissing Booth was your film debut, what other genres are you excited to branch out into? What is your dream role?

I would like to experience all genres across the board. I would like to showcase my talent by playing a role that is very far from who I am. It would be challenging to play a role that involves mental illness or addiction, plus I would be interested in the research. A dream role would be Allie Hamilton in The Notebook (provided by Ryan Gosling co-stars).

11. Outside of acting what are you passionate about?

Spirituality, energy healing, and the human psyche.


12. Tell us something most people don’t know about you.

I’m studying to become a Reiki practitioner.


13. Shuffle all of your music. What are the first five songs that come up?

(I appreciate so many different genres of music, but this is my iPhone’s shuffle selection!)

1. “Real Love Baby” by Father John Misty
2. “Moon” by Kid Francescoli
3.“Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac
4. “Burning Down the House” by Talking Heads
5. “Traveller” by Chris Stapleton


14. Do you have any future plans or upcoming projects?

Everything is very unknown right now because of COVID-19 but I can only stay positive and continue practicing and being prepared because when the world does open up again, I’ll BE READY!

If you haven’t watch Kissing Booth 1 & 2 yet, this is your chance! Oh, and don’t forget to follow Bianca on Instagram (@biancabosch) <3