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Popular Girl: Carrie Berk


Jun 20, 2020

At only 17 years old, Popular Girl Carrie Berk already has a life’s worth of accomplishments under her belt.

A bestselling children’s book author with 21 books to her credit, Carrie penned her first book Peace, Love and Cupcakes, when she was only in second grade. The Cupcake Club series went on to publish 12 books (selling 400,000+ copies worldwide), and became an award-win­ning Off-Broadway show and featured selection in 2017’s New York Musical Festival. Carrie not only co-wrote the script for the play, but starred in it as well, earning her critical praise and a NYMF award for Outstanding Individual Performance. Carrie’s second series, Fashion Academy, stems from her passion for fashion.

When Carrie isn’t writing, she can be found singing, dancing and acting. She stars in the upcoming Brat TV series, Stage Fright as Karina, the intrepid Crown Lake Chronicle reporter. Carrie loves filming TikToks and meeting fans on social media tours (Boys of Summer, Winter Lights, Social Bash, Playlist Live, Sad Society Fest and JuiceKrate). Carrie also proudly serves as a teen ambassador for No Bully and has made it her mission to teach tweens and teens to practice empathy and respect both in everyday life and on social media.

She has served as a red carpet reporter at the Radio Disney Music Awards, New York Fashion Week, and the Teen Choice Awards. Carrie also launched a You Tube channel, “Carrie’s Chronicles;’ and has been quoted in numerous media as a fashion, beauty, social media and teen expert.

Basically, this is a teen who’s already fulfilled everyone of our wildest dreams… but what’s hers? To be the Editor-in-Chief of a magazine of course. Keep reading to learn more about her writing, upcoming show Stage Fright, and every NYC girl’s favorite show!

1. You’ve had triumphant success as a young author, with currently 21 books to your name. What inspired you to start writing?
When I was in second grade, I first learned about realistic fiction. The idea that I could take important real-life themes and place them within fictional scenarios captivated me. I was inspired to come up with a book proposal for The Cupcake Club—about four girls who are bullied that come together to form an unstoppable cupcake club—and convinced my mom to submit it to her book agent (she’s a celebrity ghostwriter). Low and behold, we had offers on the table for a 12-book series!

2. Let’s flashback back to 2017 – Your first children’s book, Peace, Love and Cupcakes, became an award-winning Off-Broadway show and was featured in 2017’s New York Music Festival (Plus, you starred in the lead role!) What was it like witnessing your writing come to life?
It was thrilling. I was especially excited to play Kylie because she’s a character that I hold so close to my heart. I knew that I would be the only one who could capture her emotions authentically because I devised her personality, and I can relate to her on so many levels.

3. You’ve conquered the stage, and now you’re conquering the screen! Tell us about your show on Brat TV, Stage Fright.
Stage Fright is an exciting new mystery! During a school production of Phantom of the Opera, a chandelier falls on the lead actor, and students must work to discover the root of the destruction.  My character, Karina, is the theater critic for the school newspaper, and she was present at the scene of the crime. She may not be as innocent as she seems…you have to watch to find out!

4. Do you have any funny on-set stories you’d like to share?
We had a prank war on set! One day, Sophie, Skyler, and I went into the staff office and said that the craft services were “terrible” and that the waters were too warm. They started freaking out and ran out to see what the problem was—we all started laughing and told them we were kidding!

5. Your personal essay, “What About The Seniors,” is featured in the June issue of Girls’ Life magazine. Congrats! As a representative for the class of 2020, could you share the silver linings you’ve discovered even after the loss of many senior year traditions?
Although we have faced tremendous adversity, this outbreak has allowed us to become more open to change and practice perseverance in the face of such a difficult situation. In the future, I believe that these are valuable skills we can use to our advantage.

6. Has life in quarantine inspired any new creative endeavors for you?
I feel like I’ve been in a creative hub! I’ve been writing more than I ever have before, and it’s really helping me develop a new skill set. I now keep a journal next to me on my bed in case of inspiration strikes in the middle of the night!

7. When you aren’t working on your many side-hustles, tell us, what have you been binge-watching (or binge-snacking)?
I’ve been binge-watching Gossip Girl for the second time on Netflix! As an NYC girl, the series never gets old.

8. You’re an anti-bullying activist and proud ambassador for No Bully. What is your message to young people who may be experiencing the same struggles you endured in middle school?
It gets better. Try to remain positive and surround yourself with positive people who lift you up rather than tear you down. Additionally, revenge is never the answer. By fighting back against bullies, you will only give them more power and exacerbate the situation. If you ignore them, they will eventually leave you alone and find their next victim.

9. Do you have any memorable fan-moments?
On the Boys of Summer Tour 2019, a fan of The Cupcake Club brought me a super cute cupcake goody bag filled with candy and mini stuffed animals! It was so thoughtful.

10. You’re the ultimate “boss babe”. You’ve dipped your toes in just about everything – acting, singing, dancing, fashion, writing, social activism – to name a few! What is next on your to-do list?
My endgame is to be the Editor-in-Chief of a magazine! I plan on continuing to perfect my craft in order to achieve that goal.

11. Name any movie in history you would want to star in.
Clueless is my all-time favorite movie! I love Cher’s personality as well as her fashion sense, and it would be really fun to play her character.

12. Who is your ultimate girl-crush?
Anna Wintour is my role model. I admire how she handles the fashion industry with such grace amid all the chaos that comes with her job.


*sigh* having people like her here inspires us, huh?! 


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  • Photographer Phil Shaw @p.hil