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Aug 27, 2020

Meet Popular Girl Emily Carey!

The British teen thriller Get Even is everything we could ever dream of in a teen series – a boarding school aesthetic, revenge and a secret club determined to take down the patriarchy. Based on the wildly popular series of the same name, the show originally premiered on BBC, but thankfully American viewers are getting a chance to experience the flame of the DGM squad. Emily Carey arrives on scene as Mika Cavanaugh, the optimistic student who ends up being the target of a serial bully. Popular TV caught up with the young actress about her role as Mika and how she handled some of those tougher scenes off-screen.


Congrats on your new series “Get Even!” Tell us about your character Mika Cavanaugh.
Thank you so much! My character Mika Cavanaugh is the youngest in her school year, and she’s very sweet and endearing. She sees the world through rose tinted glasses and definitely sees the best in people, which at times can be flaw as she can end up trusting the wrong people.


If this was a group at your high school, would you join?
I would definitely join if DGM was a group at my high school!! 100%! I strongly agree with DGM’s ideals and would love to help take down bullies and the patriarchy. It would also be a LOT of fun! But of course without the murder.


Which of the characters in the series did you most relate to?
I think I most relate to the character Bree. She has so much to give but often buries her feelings inside, and I do the same. She covers up how she really feels with a heavy layer of sarcasm, and I too rely on humor to cope with feelings.


The series definitely takes you on a journey especially with Mika’s character. How did you handle those tough scenes off-screen
Yes, Mika definitely had a tough time throughout the arc of the show. I actually really enjoy crying scenes! It feels great to really get in touch with my emotions and ground myself. Plus, you get to let out all your frustrations of the day. But you have to find a balance between your feelings and the characters, otherwise it can be hard to leave that negative headspace on set. There has to be a disconnect.


You were one of the youngest leads of the cast! Did you feel any pressure to prove yourself day to day?
I am a perfectionist and put a lot of pressure on myself anyway so I think it was the opposite! The entire cast and crew really took me under their wing, looked after me and took as much pressure off me as possible. I kind of enjoyed being the baby of the group!


What story lines would you like to see for season 2 of ‘Get Even?’
For season 2, all I want is Margot to be happy! She’s my favorite character to watch and she deserves all the love in season 2.


What has been the hardest scene of your career so far?
The hardest scene of my career so far was my scene in Wonder Woman. I stunt trained for 9 weeks before shooting my 5 minute scene. It was tough but definitely worth it. Not only does it look amazing but those are skills I can now carry with me for the rest of my career!


Your film debut was playing young Diana aka Wonder Woman. What is a character or story line you’d eventually like to play?
I would love to play a character who’s story arc authentically plays out what its like to live with an anxiety disorder as I feel it’s not represented truthfully enough on screen. It’s something I live with myself and I would love to have to have the opportunity to share my experiences on screen through a character.


There have been a lot of recent retellings of stories over the past five years. What would you tell someone to get them to watch Anastasia?
If you like magic, you’ll love Anastasia: Once Upon a Time! Our retelling is a family friendly, fun, fantasy take on the story with a whole lot of heart.


Outside of acting, what are you passionate about?
I’m very into writing! It’s been a passion of mine ever since I was a kid. Screenplays and short films and that kind of thing. One day I’d love to write and produce a project. Maybe even direct too!


What is a question you wish you got asked more?
Honestly, I wish I was asked more about my dog, Dottie. She’s such a massive part of my life and I could literally talk about her for hours and hours. She’s my fur baby.


What is something you wish more people knew about you?
I wish more people knew how much of a spiritual person I am. I love crystal healing and aroma therapy. I’m such a scatterbrain so I don’t think many people know that I’m into meditations.


What does popular mean to you?
Popular to me is an overrated social construct. I think the popular clique in school is actually the band of misfits. Nothing really brings them together, they have no shared interests other than popularity. I was never popular growing up and I’m glad I wasn’t.


Are there any other upcoming projects you can tell us about?
Yes! I am currently working on a new film project, which I can’t say much about at the moment. However what I can say is that it’s a different take on a role I have always wanted to play. Also, we’re anticipating an imminent release date for Where Is Anne Frank? It’s an animated film written and directed by Ari Folman, and I voice the role of Anne Frank. 


Keep up with Emily on Instagram and Twitter @theemilycarey and stream Get Even right now on Netflix!