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Nov 3, 2020

How does a 17-year-old makeup artist proceed to break the internet? We’ll show you.

TikTok star Emma Norton‘s first post dates back to November of last year and has more 200k views. The video in question takes on the ‘glow-up’ trend head on as Emma showcases her grade school self in comparison to her now high school aged form. Since then, the star has racked up 5.6M followers and over 131M likes in the span of 699 videos (almost two a day for the last year).

With a combined focus on lip-synching, surreal makeup skills, and limitless creativity, Emma is making her name for herself as a top creative on the platform. Emma talked to us about her past looks, collaboration hopes, and what she dreams of doing one day.


1. What inspired you to join TikTok?

Friends encouraged me to try TikTok. When I eventually realized how much of a creative outlet it was, I immediately fell in love.


2. What does your day of filming look like when recording TikToks? Do you pre-record your videos?

When doing a makeup look, I typically start early in the morning, and film into the early afternoon – sometimes later depending on the difficulty of the look. At times, I do pre-record parts of the video. More often, I record multiple entire videos in a day.


3. Once you have your idea, do you sketch your design out or just start applying?

It depends on the degree of complexity of the look and my confidence in attacking it. When it’s more complex, I definitely plan and sketch.


4. Have you ever thought of making your designs into canvas artwork?

To be honest, I consider painting on the dimensions of the human face as entirely different than painting on a flat surface like a canvas.


5. Makeup Check:

The look that took the longest:

My pop art, green-skinned zombie look was extremely detailed and complex.


The look you’re proudest of:

My Blue Tiger look was unique and people still regularly ask me about it.


The look you’re most famous for:

My undead Cinderella look. It had a glass slipper stabbed into my face.


6. If you could go back to the first day you downloaded TikTok, would you have thought you’d be where you are right now?

No, I never would dream of having a platform like I have today


7. Have you ever thought of making your designs into canvas artwork?

To be honest, I consider the dimensions of a human face far different than painting/drawing on a flat surface like a canvas. With that said, I’ve met several followers who made artwork out of images from my videos. So, I’m open to broadening my designs down the road.


8. If TikTok wasn’t around where would you be right now?

My first love is acting and performing on film/TV and stage. I’ve also always been a serious student. So, finding other outlets for developing my art and broadening my knowledge and skills would be the theme of what I’d do outside TikTok.


9. What have you gained from being on TikTok?

In addition to challenging myself, building my confidence as an artist, and having a lot of fun in the process, my community of friends has expanded tremendously and globally.


10. If you could collab with anyone who would itbe?

Lady Gaga because I’ve always been inspired by her fearlessness and courage to be herself and expand the definition of herself. She always encourages people to be their best self – a message that resonates strongly with me.


11. What is the dream?

I hope to continue expanding my platform and dialing up my involvement with organizations I believe in. As I mentioned, acting has been my #1 passion for as long as I can remember. My goal is to become an actor in film and TV. Beyond acting, I would love to become a film/TV Director one day. If I stretch my goals further, I see myself getting into the style business…I would love to have my own clothing and makeup line.


Keep up with Emma on Instagram and TikTok and see her takeover on our TikTok here!


  • Photographer Tim Schaeffer: Cellar Door Studios
  • Hair and Makeup Allison Noelle