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Aug 6, 2020

If you aren’t familiar with Popular Girl and Nigerian-American actress, producer, writer and director Karen Obilom, you’re already behind.

Stunning on our screens as “reformed bad ass” Roni Evers in Season 2 of ‘Doom Patrol’ (airing tonight btw) is Karen Obilom. From her debut in 2012 to her role as Nia in ‘Games People Play’ is an obvious star. She is also a huge supporter of her fellow Black actors and actress never missing a chance to shout out her talented peers. (She’s basically DC’s versions of Miss Nigeria, Nyekachi Douglas.)

Keep reading because in this interview we talk with Karen about her new role and some strong Black leads.


1. Congrats on being added to season 2 of ‘Doom Patrol’! Tell us about your character Roni Evers.
Thank you! I like to say Roni Evers is a reformed bad ass. She’s a war vet with a very dark past. She has a somewhat bleak and self-deprecating view on life. That is until she meets Cyborg, whom she meets at a PTSD group. Cyborg is a beloved hero, and let’s just say Roni doesn’t care about being beloved by anyone.


2. How familiar were you with the show prior to being cast?
I had only seen the posters for it prior to my audition. I started to watch because of the audition, but I kept watching because the show is a damn rollercoaster. It’s weird and wacky like me, and I loved it.


3. As you’re now a part of the DC-verse, who is your favorite hero or villain from the universe?
My favorite hero is Batwoman!  Because a VERY special lady, my beautiful friend Javicia, got cast as the first Black Batwoman!! She’s been my day one since we met years ago at audition. We started this journey together, and I can’t wait to see her kick ass! GO VC!!


4. In ‘Games People Play’ you were alongside an amazing and kind of iconic cast with Lauren London and Parker McKenna Posey. What was a day on set for you like?
Shout out to those beautiful women! So much love for them. A day on set for me is waking up too early for my liking, haha. Then getting to set and having a wake-up music session with hair and makeup in the trailer. I need music every morning! They shoot smart: when we’re at one location we shoot as many scenes as we can that take place in that location. So, there are usually a couple of quick changes/hair changes in the day. And I had most of my scenes with a fine fine young man named Kendall Kyndall (love you boo) So there are always laughs on set. The crew was incredible and also hilarious. Then I go home. Grateful to spend another day doing what I love.


5. Where would you have liked to see that story go?
Let’s see next season shall we?? The story ain’t over y’all! Everyone is absolutely in for a treat.


6. Netflix has started ‘Strong Black Lead’ to focus on shining a light on Black talent throughout the industry. What or who is a strong Black lead for you?
There are too many to name! But I’ll highlight someone who truly makes her mark: Issa Rae. She is taking this industry by storm. She’s doing it in an authentic and black-as-hell way. I have the utmost respect for her. I am in awe of her power. I am completely inspired by her journey. But at the end of the day “I’m Rooting for Everybody Black.” This is our time. That’s on period.


7. As an actress how do you deal with rejection in the industry?
It’s a part of the job. What I’m working on is implementing that attitude toward every other aspect of my life. Life in general comes with rejection if you’re leaving your comfort zone in any way. But no is never the final answer. Not with the way my God is set up!


8. There are so many BIPOC stories being told in recent years. Are there any specific stories, characters, or roles you’d love to see told through the eyes of a Black character?
I love Westerns and Neo Westerns. I would love to see a Black woman in a Western, which is why I’m in the middle of writing one myself! I also love seeing Black people as royalty. The Game of Thrones was brilliant, but there was hardly any diversity. There’s this warped way of thinking that Black people aren’t royalty. But if you really open your eyes, you’ll see our skin is dipped in gold. The way it reflects the sun is regality in its purist form.


9. You’ve recently stated how your team doesn’t just want you going out for Black or African-American roles. What is the dream role for you?
I love action; my dream role is a super hero. I love the art of fighting. One of my best friends Jake Harrell always says he loves the art of fighting, but he doesn’t like to harm people. That’s exactly how I feel. Stunt work is exactly that. That’s why I love watching it and learning it.


10. What characters did you see yourself in growing up?
I feel like I learned everything from Raven Baxter in That’s So Raven. She was quirky and funny like me. Watching her really let me know it was okay to be myself. Not only was it okay to be myself, but it was cool! Thank goodness for representation!


11. Was there a pivotal moment where you knew you wanted to pursue acting full time?
I knew I had to be an actress when I got accepted into a fine arts school in sunny Los Angeles. It didn’t seem like a real thing until I got the physical acceptance letter. Next thing you know, this Texas girl is moving to LA.


12. What has been a ‘Holy Sh*t. This is happening!’ moment for you in your career so far?
I think when I got the role of Roni on Doom Patrol. It let me know that this isn’t all luck. I’m really doing my thing out here!


13. Outside of acting, are there other parts of the industry you’d like to explore?

Oh yeahhh! I’ve already started directing, writing, and producing. I am determined to make my own projects. Writing is the hardest thing, but it’s so very rewarding. It makes me the happiest girl in the world to see my words come to life.


14. What is a question you wish you got asked more in interviews?

The better question is which question do I wish I got asked less haha. But I just need to find more cool things to do in life so people can have more questions. I blame myself lol.


15. Your hair and skin are literally goals! Drop the routine?
I’m actually in the middle of completely changing my routine! I’m in the middle of research. But ask me again in a month! I will say I’ve used African Black Soap since middle school. It’s gotten me and my skin through much! As for hair, I love a good protective wig hunny!


16. What is some advice you’d want to give to young black aspiring actors and actresses?
There is absolutely nothing on this Earth that can stop you. You make your dreams come true by not giving up on yourself. We need you. The generation after you needs you. I love you!



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