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Popular Girl: Keana Marie


Nov 10, 2020

Keana Marie is about to make her mark on the entertainment industry with her upcoming role as Sofia in the Netflix series Dash & Lily. With an intense passion for film and entertainment, Marie is developing her career as a director, writer and actress. Her parents knew she was destined for a career in the industry when she first fell in love with performing arts as a child. And after picking up her father’s camera to create mini films of her own, she quickly discovered her interest in filmmaking and photography shortly afterward. 


Following her graduation from high school, Keana moved out to Los Angeles to continue pursuing her dream of becoming a triple-threat in the film industry. She almost instantly fell in love with screenwriting and continued to work diligently in order to improve her skills as a young adult in a competitive field. 


It won’t be long before everyone knows Keana Marie’s name. At a young age, Marie has already achieved countless successes. She won Best Lead Actress at the Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival and the Bogart Film Festival for her role in the film Posthumous. And for those who have seen her work, it’s clear that this is only the beginning for Marie. 


In an exclusive interview with PopularTV, Keana Marie opens up about her upcoming role on Dash & Lily, acting and more. 


1. Tell us about your character Sofia and how she fits into the story.

Sofia is a sophisticated world traveler and Dash’s ex-girlfriend who just got back in town from Brazil. They only broke up because she moved away (her father is a politician so moving is not foreign to her). She isn’t your typical ex-girlfriend as Sofia is caring, empathetic, and truly has the best of intentions. She and Dash are also close friends so I think she will bring up complications to Dash & Lily as Sofia and Dash are so comfortable, yet, quite lovely together.


2. What is a dare that you would give if you had possession of the red notebook?
Hm… I dare you to take a flight to a place you don’t know and go a day (without telling people) but say yes to everything (obviously dependent on situation).


3. What was the hardest part about getting into character for Sofia?

Sofia and I are pretty similar I would say so it wasn’t too difficult to slip into her skin, but I do have an accent the entire time that I created from her polyglot nature. That was the most challenging part of it as it was my first time using an accent for an extended time.


4. What was your favorite scene to film from the show?

We had a scene where Dash and I are at the Morgan Library and snow is supposed to be falling on our heads. How magical and lucky we were – real snow fell on our heads!! I was freezing but oh was it worth it. Goodbye CGI!


5. What is your favorite holiday tradition of yours?  

Honestly, my family is ever expanding with all of my nieces running around and my parents live on the other side of the country, while all of their kids live in California; so I’m going to have to say the rare time I get to spend with my family.


6. What is a holiday trope that you love to see?

I have to say love is in the air during the holidays, I love the brisk air and the magic that surrounds the time. The magic trope, I’m a sucker for.


7. You were also in another Netflix series ‘Huge in France’. What was the difference
between filming that show and ‘Dash & Lily’?

Well I have a bigger role in ‘Dash & Lily’ then I did in ‘Huge In France.’ They were both great projects to work on and I’m very grateful. Also, shooting on location in New York City during the holidays is incredible.


8. You’re the writer, producer, and director for ‘As the Tide Comes In’. What can you
tell us about this project?  

It’s a silent film that explores the in between of moving from a toxic relationship into a healthy one and all of the resistance that comes with that. I felt it was important to make it a silent film to truly represent the lack of words and further enhancing the experience by heightening the senses. I use symbolism and play with colors. It’s currently doing the festival circuit.


9. How do you use your experience behind the camera when you act?

That’s a cool question! Normally the other way around, but I think I have been able to play and cheat the camera more (blocking/staging) and understanding lighting and staging rehearsal because of my knowledge behind the camera.


10. Outside of the industry, what are you passionate about?  

Lots! I also do music, so yes, still entertainment but slightly different. I usually just freestyle, or as I call it “melodic therapy.” It’s a combo of singing and rapping. I’m also very passionate about nature and enjoying it as much as possible, as well as traveling this marvelous planet and connecting with the people who inhabit it.


11. Is there a role or dream that you’re currently chasing?

Not that I can pinpoint no. Just enjoying the journey really. I don’t have a fear of failure so really nothing to lose here, let’s gooooo!


12. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

Don’t forget you are number one! You are always your priority. You can’t do anything or help anyone if you don’t take care of yourself first! You can be your biggest fan or your biggest bully, you choose. Okay just made that one up hahah.


13. Tell us something most people don’t know about you. 

I am named after Keanu Reeves. Yup. Real story.


14. What is a question you wish you got asked more? 

That’s a good one too. Hmmmm. Let’s go with “What mark would you like to leave behind?”


15. What does popular mean to you? 

I feel like “Popular” gets a bad a rep, a bad connotation. I don’t see it that way! Popular can be a good thing, it means you’re inclusive, you are friends with the majority because you see everyone as one and the more the merrier. We’re all just sharing this human experience, let’s all enjoy it together while we’re at it.




  • Photographs Colin Stark