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Aug 25, 2020

Have no fear, Season 2 of Trinkets is here!

The last time we saw Moe Truax on our screens, her admission to the Korean STEM program had been revoked for hitting Brady (in her defense, he deserved it), but let’s back it up. Trinkets is a Netflix Original that follows three unlikely teens, Elodie, Tabitha, and Moe played by Kiana Madeira, who all meet at a Shoplifters Anonymous meeting and band together through some pretty amazing scheming, secrets, and trinkets – all to keep their secret safe.

The Canadian-born mastermind behind Moe talked to Popular TV about that Season 1 plot twist, her hardest career role, and of course, the final season of Trinkets.


1. Congrats on Season 2 of Trinkets! In the series you play Moe, the super cool bad ass with the secret boyfriend who is also incredibly smart. How does Moe compare to who you were in HS?

Well, let’s be honest- it’s quite a challenge to be as cool as Moe Truax. Which is why she has been an absolute dream to bring to life. I was similar to Moe in high school regarding our loyalty and love for the people in our lives. The main difference being that I was friendly with basically everyone, whereas Moe is very particular about who she shares her energy with. And I was definitely a lot more smiley in high school and loved wearing polka dots! I can’t even imagine Moe wearing polka dots.


2. A turning point in Season 1 *spoiler alert* is that Moe isn’t “actually” a thief even she’s the most type casted to do so! What was your initial thought of that story line?
I instinctually loved that story line! I love when writing goes against the grain both for acting purposes and for the sake of the audience. It was so much fun committing to the facade of Moe being a thief up until the point where she confesses that she’s not. I was really excited to see how the viewers would experience that plot twist.


3. What is a storyline you’d love to see explored on Trinkets?
In a matter of 2 seasons, I am impressed and so content with the many storylines that we were able to explore! To this day, I don’t fully comprehend how our incredible writers made it all work. With that being said, if I had to add another one in there, it would be Noah’s backstory. I’m so curious about his mind and what he goes through dating someone like Moe. I’d love to see what his family is like and how he copes with the ups and downs of their relationship.


4. The show is definitely a different take on the typical coming-of-age genre. What other stories would you like to see told on platforms like this?
I would love to see more stories centered around diverse and complex characters, because that is simply the world we are living in. It makes me happy to see how far we have come in terms of onscreen representation and I just want to keep moving in that direction and taking it even further.


5. What can you tell us about the ‘Fear Street’ trilogy?
Oh man! I can tell you that I am thrilled for audiences to be able to see what we created. R.L. Stine wrote a series of books called ‘Fear Street,’ and our three movies are based on the universe he created with that book series. They are nostalgic, chilling, and wildly entertaining. The team behind all of this is so incredibly innovative and talented and it was an honor to work alongside all of them.


6. Being an actor from Canada, you know that one of the biggest teen shows aka Degrassi, takes place right in Toronto. Did you ever audition for the show?
I think every Toronto actor from my generation auditioned for that show! It was so great. Yes, I did audition, and I remember being so nervous because it was such a successful show and had such a huge fan base! I never ended up getting on Degrassi, but I have a lot of friends who did, so I lived vicariously through them.


7. One of your earlier roles was for the Canadian Disney Show ‘My Babysitters a Vampire’ and it’s also the first time you get to play a double! Do you remember anything from the filming of the show?
‘My Babysitter’s a Vampire’ was created by the same people who created another show that I was on called ‘Really Me.’ One thing that I remember vividly is getting the call from my agent that I booked the role on ‘My Babysitter’s a Vampire’ because I didn’t even audition for it! The creators were so kind that they cast me in the role just by my previous work on ‘Really Me.’ I remember feeling so grateful for that. The cast of ‘My Babysitter’s a Vampire’ was so welcoming and funny; it was a very positive filming experience for me.


8. You’re known for crediting Danny Zuko aka John Travolta for your passion behind acting! What was it about the character for you?
Honestly, I just had a huge crush on him when I was 5! Haha. I thought he was so cute and loved his singing and dancing and his leather jacket and I figured the only way I could meet him was to be in a movie with him.


9. What has been the hardest scene or role of your career this far? What is your dream role?
The most challenging role that I’ve been fortunate enough to play is my character in Fear Street. As far as a dream role, I have a few. One of them being playing a guitarist in a band, touring and experiencing all of the potential hardship and passion that comes with it. I would also love to play a teacher- perhaps an acting teacher- in an impoverished neighborhood.


10. Outside of acting, what are you passionate about? What other parts, if any, of the industry are you interested in exploring?
Outside of acting, I am passionate about connecting with nature and any environment that I may find myself in. I feel passionate about being grateful at all times, being present and sharing quality time with myself and my loved ones. In terms of the industry, I would definitely love to direct and to one day be able to work as a Steadicam Operator.


11. How do you deal with rejection in the industry?
I really think it’s all about perspective; if I don’t book a role, I don’t necessarily see it as rejection, but God guiding my path in a different direction. I think it helps to surrender to the fact that I really have no idea what my destiny is, so I just need to trust that it’s all in good hands.


12. What is the best piece of advice you’ve received on set?
The best piece of advice I’ve ever received on set was from my parents when I was 13 and it was to always hang up or fold my clothes nicely when I was done changing in my trailer or dressing room.


13. Milk before cereal or cereal before milk?
Cereal before milk ALWAYS!!


14. What is something you wish you got asked more in interviews?
I wish I got asked about my favorite singers/bands!


15. What would you tell someone to get them to watch Trinkets.
The backdrop is stunning, the soundtrack has Kat Cunning and it’s all so good it will have you running. (back for more) <3


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