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Popular Girl: Lizzy Greene


Apr 21, 2020

Meet Popular Girl: Lizzy Greene, one of the stars of ABCs ‘A Million Little Things’. From acting, writing music, keeping a dedicated fanbase, and hosting AMAZING Instagram takeovers (check it out), we’re trying to figure out if there’s anything this teen can’t do.


Keep reading to find out about her character on ‘A Million Little Things’, what roles she’d love to play, what she’d be doing if she weren’t acting, and a million more little things.


1. Tell us about your character Sophie and A Million Little Things.

Sophie is a confident, headstrong teen. She’s incredibly passionate about what’s right and wrong, and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She’s been through so much trauma, but has weathered the storm. She loves her family and friends, and is very protective of her dad’s legacy.


2. What was your audition process like for the show?

I was in LA for pilot season, and it was towards the end of my trip. AMLT was one of my last auditions, and I was actually a little unprepared, in my standards. I had forgotten that I had to prepare a song for the audition, and ended up singing “somewhere over the rainbow” in the spur of the moment. I loved the material provided for the audition so I felt an instant interest and connection to the storyline and the subject matter. And the rest is history! lol


3. How different is filming on a show like Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn to A Million Little Things? Which kind of set do you prefer?

Since NRDD was a sitcom, the days were shorter, as well as the time spent on shooting. We would rehearse for 2 days, and then shoot for 3. With AMLT, we shoot single camera style, so we “Block Shoot” which means we block each scene as we reach it on the schedule. We also shoot an episode in 9 days, compared to NRDD. It takes a little longer, because we have to get everyone’s coverage on the cameras, but it’s a more intimate experience. And because of the longer time spent on the scenes, you get to feel out the material as you go, and get to make more creative choices. I love both, but single camera style takes the cake for me.


4. You are originally from TX! Do you have a preference between Dallas and LA?

I love both, because I’ve spent so much time in both places. LA is definitely an entertainment hub, so there are always places to go with friends, and new spots to explore. Whereas Texas is where I grew up, so I know all the good spots. If I had to say, Texas feels more like home. 


5. You play a bit of softball in AMLT. Did you have experience beforehand playing the sport/did you go through any training for set?

I had never played before! I grew up playing soccer, so switching from kicking to throwing was different LOL. I met with a coach for about 2 weeks, and we worked on the basics and fundamentals of softball. I learned how to pitch and hit, and it’s A LOT harder that it looks. It was so cool to do something athletic in the show, because I love sports so much. 


6. How long have you been playing soccer/what position do you play?

I used to play Midfielder and Striker, and played for about 6 years. I loved it so much, because both positions got to run a-lot, and it was my way of getting rid of all my energy.


7. If you weren’t acting right now, what would you want to be doing?

Playing soccer! LOL, I always tell my mom how much I miss it. If not soccer, I would want to get back into gymnastics or boxing. I would probably also be taking art classes, that’s another one of my huge passions. 


8. What is your dream role? (Real or Imagined)

Either a female James Bond or Joker. I love gritty characters, and i’m always up for a challenge.


9. An embarrassing moment on set?

I’ve been lucky, I’ve yet to have one. Until then, probably the amount of times I’ve messed up my lines. Lol


10. Your proudest moment?

Writing my first 3 songs.


11. What is the most challenging thing about being an actress for you?

Probably the sacrifices. I haven’t been in physical school since 5th grade, so I miss out on the social part of being a teenager. But I love my job so much, and while there are lows, there are 2x the highs.


12. What is one thing you wish more people asked you about?

My love for animals! 


13. Can you tell us a secret?

My room is always messy


14. What does Popular mean to you?

Popular to me means to be a leader. Someone who will undoubtedly stick up for others.


15. Can you tell us about any other projects you have coming up?

I’m currently working with some amazing foundations! Currently working on a project with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention that I’m really excited about, and I’m also working on another campaign that I’m really excited for. I’m also starting up a music career, which I’m so pumped about because music is how I got my start as an actor. All and all, great things that I’m really hopeful for!


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