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Jul 20, 2020

Badass Women, Warriors, and well, Nuns! 


Lorena Andrea stuns as Sister Lilith in the new Netflix Original ‘Warrior Nun’ and honestly, it’s a wild ride! After putting her life towards becoming the ‘Halo-Bearer’ Lilith discovers it’s been practically given away to a teen named Ava, played by Alba Baptista, and things get pretty crazy for the demon-hunting nuns. The series created by Simon Barry is based on the long running Manga-style comic series by Ben Dunn.

Keep reading as we talk to Lorena about her new show, inspirations, and the unconventional place she drew inspiration from Lilith!


1. Tell us about your character Sister Lilith in “Warrior Nun.” What was it like playing the character?

Lilith is one of the warrior nuns in the show, she is a legacy nun and is next in line to become the new halo bearer. Playing her was so much fun and it really kept me on my toes. She has so many layers and at the same time is constantly evolving so i felt like I was going on this journey with her and it was a wild one!


2. Were you familiar with the “Warrior Nun” manga series before filming? How much of the show is based on the source material?

I didn’t know much about them so I had to do my research. Lilith is heavily featured in the comics so there are characters and different elements used as inspiration for the show. 


3. There are a lot of discussions about how “Warrior Nun” is a lot like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which is an icon in the world of supernatural shows. Did you draw on themes from Buffy or other shows/TV when portraying your character?

I’ve actually never seen Buffy, my best friend gets onto me about this all the time! I took inspiration from Game of Thrones for Lilith, she’s really kickass but also has a regal quality. 


4. One of the best aspects of the show is that it revolves around a team of women warriors, how was the bond formed between your cast members to create such a powerful dynamic?

Absolutely! I think we were so lucky because right from the start our director Jet Wilkinson created an environment that was safe for us to feel empowered, she really brought out our enthusiasm and we were able to express ourselves. Of course it was even more special because we are all women. 


5. There’s also a lot of stunts within the show! What was the training like for this?

It was tough but so worth it! The first few weeks all the warrior nuns trained together, shooting blanks and doing tactical missions. Then we focused on our individual fights, I also wanted to do as many of my own stunts as possible so I trained pretty much everyday. 


6. What was your favorite scene to shoot from the series? 

Every scene in episode 5. Those who have watched it will know why. 


7. What do you hope fans get out of the show?

I want them to experience a new perspective and allow themselves to be inspired by these women. We are all fighting our own battles so it’s important to remember to support one another. 


8. Tell us a bit about your own acting journey, how long have you wanted to be an actor for?

I got my first professional job when I was 11 but it wasn’t until I was 16 that I knew I wanted to pursue it as a career. From there I started training in theatre, doing plays and then transitioned into film. I’ve always been inspired by the women in my life whose stories were never told, and most importantly not told from a female perspective. 


9. A lot of your past roles tend to have a bit of thrill to them! Is this something you’re naturally drawn to?

I definitely have a fiery side and enjoy playing roles that have a lot of substance and may seem challenging. But it’s all about how to connect to the character and story.


10. Who are your biggest inspirations?

My mum for sure and the incredible women who raised me. And of course many of the amazing Latina actresses who I grew up watching. 


11. Who would you like to work with in the future?

Oh my gosh there are so many! Rosario Dawson, Penelope Cruz, Alma Har’el, Kathryn Bigelow to name a few. 


12. Can you tell us a secret?

I’m not telling you


13. What project do you consider your favorite that you have worked on?

My first leading role in No Mans Land has to be one of my favourites. 


14. What does Popular mean to you?

Someone who uplifts and Inspires others to go after their dreams and truly be themselves. 


15. Tell us about any future projects in the works!

I’m currently working on a Studio Movie with the most incredible cast! It’s top secret for now but let’s just say it’s the complete opposite of Lilith. 

Keep up with Lorena on Instagram and Twitter @LorenaxAndrea and while you’re at it, schedule a Netflix Party with friends to watch Warrior Nun. (Sorry about that EXCRUCIATING finale)



  • Photographer Gigi Umbrasaite