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Popular Girl: Lotus Blossom


Feb 21, 2021

One of the brightest young talents entering the entertainment world right now, Lotus Blossom undoubtedly has a bright career ahead of her. While other girls her age only dream of watching themselves on the big screen, the 13-year-old actress is already experiencing massive success within the film industry, and is definitely not stopping anytime soon.
Lotus Blossom’s latest exciting role on screen comes in the form of A Capella, a superhero child in the movie “We Can Be Heroes,” that was released last year with massive success. “We Can Be Heroes” follows a group of kids as they try to save the Earth after alien invaders capture their superhero parents, and has been streamed in over 44 million homes worldwide after a phenomenal premiere charting in the top 10 on Netflix, that recently announced a sequel in the works.
Lotus Blossom is closely following her father, Ernie Reyes Jr’s steps, who is a martial artist known for box office hits such as The Last Dragon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Rundown and many more. She is working her way towards her black belt in martial arts, and trains alongside her father in the intricate technique of cinematic martial arts, being able to perform her own stunts when needed, certainly an important asset for any actor.
We had the chance to chat to Lotus Blossom about her early in acting, her starring role in “We Can Be Heroes,” being outspoken against animal cruelty, racial injustice and the mistreatment of the LQBTQ community, and much more.
How did you initially get into acting? Did you always want to make it a full time career? 

You know, I grew up watching my dad in movies. We used to watch old 35 mm prints. I can smell the butter of the popcorn as I type this out. I looked on with wide-eyed wonder, but I never knew that one day I would be in movies. It sort of just happened.. kind of. Of course it takes a tremendous amount of support from my parents, but the stars aligned and I’m really lucky that I get to make movies.

Talk to us a bit about your character A Capella in “We Can Be Heroes.” What about her is most unique? 

The thing about A Capella is that she’s tapped into higher vibrations through the sound of music. So, she’s able to affect her environment by singing low notes, which can cause objects to move, and use her high notes as piercing weapons.

You first became known for acting in a T-Mobile campaign. How does it feel going from that to a Netflix Top 10 hit with “We Can Be Heroes?“

The commercial was a long time ago… well relatively speaking, since I’ve only been alive for 13 years lol. I did an indie movie called Magic Max in between T-mobile and We Can Be Heroes. While going to school and everything else, it seemed like the time went by pretty fast. I’m really grateful that things are going so amazingly well. :)

We know that a sequel for “We Can Be Heroes” is in the works. What can you tell us about that?

I would tell you… if I knew! Lol! But I am super excited about all the possibilities and getting to play such an awesome character.

You are also working your way towards a black belt in martial arts. What makes martial arts so appealing to you? 

Martial Arts is in my family and has been for many generations, so it’s kind of just part of who I am. What I like about it is the warrior spirit, the idea that you can battle through anything. It doesn’t always have to be fighting, literally, it can be fighting for your dreams. Martial arts develops that indomitable spirit to never quit or give up.

How has training with your father in the technique of cinematic martial arts shaped the way you act so far?

My training in martial arts and my training as an actor are two different things. We are martial artists first and actors second, but there is a world where these two things merge, like in We Can Be Heroes. Our martial arts training is authentic and these skills can also be used in the making of films and television, which is always super fun! So basically what I’m saying is, I would be doing martial arts whether I was making movies or not. Luckily, I get to do both.

You starred as Brandi on “Magic Max,” that recently came out. Talk to us a bit about the movie and your role in it. 

Magic Max was the first movie I had ever filmed. It was an indie film, put together by a great bunch of people. I had a lot of fun. It was a wonderful first experience. I got to do a lot of nice scenes with Parker Bates. We became good friends and had some awesome times hanging out on set! And I fell in love with craft service haha!

We know you are advocating for The Bunny World Foundation in Los Angeles, as well as are outspoken against racial injustice and the mistreatment of the LGBTQ community. Why do you think it’s more important than ever to advocate for causes like this now? 

I think it’s important to advocate love and respect at all times, now and forever.

What are your plans after the sequel of “We Can Be Heroes?”

Well we haven’t gotten there yet, so I guess we’re gonna have to take it one step at a time. I am definitely looking forward to doing the sequel to We Can Be Heroes. I’m sure that what Robert is putting together is going to be amazing! Beyond that… we shall have to wait and see.