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Popular Girl: Louriza Tronco


Jun 20, 2020

Celebrating the second season of the Netflix series “The Order”, we have the talented Louriza Tronco as our Popular Girl today!
In the series, the actress plays Gabrielle, a determined student of Belgrave University. Gabrielle is the type of girl that doesn’t have afraid to fight for what she wants – and this is a characteristic very similar to Louriza! Daughter of two Filipino immigrants, Tronco shared with us what she is expecting from the entertainment industry after all these Mundial movements for equality and justice.

People like Louriza make us hope for a better world!

1. Tell us about your role as Gabrielle in “The Order”!
Gabrielle is a student at Belgrave University and an Acolyte in The Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose. She is determined and cunning which could be seen as mean and self-centered.

2. The show goes through some pretty crazy and amazing things! Did you have to go through any specific training for the role and how do you prepare for a day of filming?
Filming a series is like running a marathon. You have to keep your health and mind in check so you can keep running. I worked with some amazing people to help with this. 1-2 times a week I would work with my personal trainer, Garfield Wilson, to keep my body in shape for long days on set. I also worked with my acting coach, Andrew McIlroy. Every week we would dissect the episodes and scenes that were coming up.

3. What was the audition process like for the show?
I actually almost didn’t go. I woke up with half my voice has gone that morning and was really nervous that would affect my performance in a negative way. Luckily, my agent talked me into still going. We did three scenes, maybe two takes each and that was it. Two weeks later I got the call that I booked it.

4. What is something that you’d like to see in season 3?
I’d like to see Gabrielle and Alyssa help lift each other up rather than tearing each other down. They’re two very strong-headed characters so it makes sense why they have a feud. But even if it’s a short moment of appreciation for the other, that would be a major step for both of them.

5. The show’s Instagram actually has a mini Sabrina Spellman vs Jack quiz up in the highlights! Have you seen The Chilling Adventures yet and if so, what role would you want to play on the show?
That cast is so freakin’ talented. I’d rather negotiate for a crossover episode with their show and The Order!

6. How was playing the iconic Ashley Spinelli?
Such a blast. I grew up watching the show, Recess, so to be a part of that project was the coolest thing. 

7. Across the entertainment industry, and especially at Netflix, more stories from people of color are being told. What is a Filipino story you’d like to see told?
There are so many stories that could be told and a lack of Filipino storytelling in Hollywood it’s hard to pick just one. But I would say it would be great to see stories about the strong Filipino women in my life. People and life are so diverse and complex it would be great to see that through the perspective of a Filipino woman.

8. What has been your toughest role to date?
Gabrielle Dupres.

9. Can you tell us a memorable audition experience?
My audition for “Make It Pop” was pretty memorable. It was a panel of like ten people and it was two full days of singing, dancing and acting.

10. What is the last text that you sent?
“I’m so excited that we’re going together!!!!”

11. What is a film cliché/trope that you love seeing?
In musicals when the characters are feeling an intense amount of emotion that they just have to sing about it.

12. What is something you wish you got asked more in interviews?
To play a fun game.

13. Tell us a secret.
But then it wouldn’t be a secret…

14. What does Popular mean to you?
That there is a responsibility. That my voice is being heard by some and that I should not take that for granted.

15. Can you tell us about any other projects you have coming up?
Well if people tune in on June 18 for “The Order” on Netflix then hopefully there will be a Season 3!

If you want to keep following Louriza, don’t forget to stay tuned on the new season of “The Order” on Netflix and, obviously, to follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


  • Photographer John Tronco @jrtography