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Popular Girl: Madelyn Cline


May 8, 2020

Outer Banks is seriously the teen drama you need right now. It has the teen mystery of ‘On My Block’, the cast of a Riverdale spinoff, and the socialite we all need aka Sarah Cameron aka Madelyn Cline! 

The quick-witted Sarah however is no match for the real Madelyn. From The Originals to Stranger Things, to Vice Principal. There’s so much to explore and If you haven’t yet then here’s your chance!

The Popular Girl is not only insanely talented and gorgeous but funny as heck! If you haven’t been keeping up with her ‘Tomfoolery’ Series on her Instagram. Her dedication to the show is also unparalleled going as far as shaving part of her left eyebrow for the show going #1? That is some quarantine dedication that we’d like to see from the entire cast (even if it was shot ahead of time).

And if you haven’t been catching up with what’s going down in the OBX then we won’t spoil anything… but we’re totally rooting for Sarah and John B.

Keep reading to find out about some of her past roles, filming in her home state, what she’s currently watching in Quarantine. 


1. Tell us about Outer Banks and your role as Sarah Cameron?

Sarah comes from a very affluent family and is kind of the golden child in her family. She does everything “right.” She’s dating the golden boy. She takes part in all the goings on of her socialite family but even though she does, she doesn’t really want that for herself and her future. We see that play out as the season goes along.


2. Tell us about ‘Once Upon a Time in Staten Island’?

This was such a fun film to shoot. It’s set in the 80’s and again my character, Sophia, is part of a very influential family in Staten Island. I love period pieces so to be a part of a project that was, was such a dream. We had such a great crew and the work they put in to make the hair, makeup, sets, and costumes all look authentic was exhaustive and so detail oriented. Naomi, Frank, and Bobby were all incredible to work with and watch. It’s always so exciting to watch experienced actors work because I’m just trying to take mental notes of what they’re doing. I also got to meet Method Man and absolutely freaked out. We really just got to romp around New York for the summer and it was a great time.

3. Did you find out what breaks the ice?

Friendship, kindness, and love. Or an ice pick depending on what you’re trying to do.

4. How did the role for Stranger Things come about?

I was still in school, driving between Atlanta for auditions and Myrtle Beach, which is where I went to college. When my agent told me I had booked it, first I absolutely freaked out, but then I realized there was no way I could keep going to school and manage the work. So, I had to choose. I packed my dorm room into my car, left for Atlanta, and never looked back

5. Best part about growing up in South Carolina?

The best part about growing up in South Carolina was being close to Charleston. Growing up there was spending days at the beach and then going home and taking the best nap of your life, lake days, going to the barn and riding with friends, or piling in a car to go downtown on a Saturday. It’s such a beautiful place and oof, the food. I love Southern food.  Being able to go back for Outer Banks was so much fun.

6. Hardest role / scene to film so far?

I’ve definitely been the most challenged by Sarah, because I’ve never had a role on a shoot for as long as Outer Banks. It’s challenging and a little overwhelming because when I got to Charleston for the job all of a sudden I felt like “Oh I have no idea what I am doing.” I leaned a lot on my cast mates and learned a lot from them. They’re great.

7. Dream concert ticket (any band, any decade)? 

The very first Woodstock!!

8. Favorite Artist?

Right now I’m in a really soul, bluesy, jazzy mood. I’m really digging Leon Bridges, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and Lauryn Hill. Also Labrinth’s Imagination and the Misfit Kid, and literally everything BabyJake is releasing. 

9. Karaoke Anthem?

Wannabe by the Spice Girls. Great way to learn your lung capacity.

10. Go to quarantine snack and activity?

Go to activity: binge watching Jersey Shore, watching the sunset on the roof, or playing Call of Duty. I’m trying to read more, but when its T-shirt time, it’s T-shirt time. I don’t make the rules.

11. Have you given in to the TikTok craze yet? If so, what’s your favorite trend?

I haven’t made any videos but I have been scrolling through. It reminds me of Vine and that makes me so happy. I’m probably going to give in soon, and that’s on quarantine.

12. Tell us a secret? 

Ich habe gefurzt. 

13. What does popular mean to you? 

I think growing up, popular always meant to me you had a lot of friends, you were involved in sports, your mom drove a Hummer, you had really cool clothes, you had a sidekick or whatever. Those aren’t personality traits though. Fuck popular, just do your thing. Find what makes you happy. I was never popular anyways.

14. Can you tell us about any other projects you have coming up?

Nothing right now – I’m just enjoying Outer Banks being out in the world.


Keep up with Madelyn (and the Tomfoolery series) on Instagram and Twitter @madelyncline. Go on… they’re clickable. 




  • Photographer Jovon Roberts @jovisualstudios