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Popular Girl: Megan Stott


May 3, 2020

Based off of the bestseller of the same name, actress and now Popular Girl Megan Stott shines in her role as Izzy in the Hulu hit ‘Little Fires Everywhere‘. The youngest of the Richardson clan tackles the troubles of being a queer young person in the ’90s as well as other prevailing topics that are still relevant today.


Megan talked with us about her character, dreams for the future, and so much more! Keep reading to learn more about this amazing actress.


1. Tell us about ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ and your character Izzy!

The series takes place in the 90’s but the themes are universal and apply to today. It explores deep topics like race, class, motherhood in all its forms, relationships and many coming of age experiences. I think the adaption from the book gives deeper meaning to what is already there. There was a lot of growth in the stories from the book.

Izzy is the black sheep type of character in her family, she has trouble living up to the expectations of her mother Elena. Who tries hard and truly believes that she is steering Izzy into the direction of what society expects from her and thus she will be fine and have happiness so long as she stays on that journey. She feels Izzy is someone that wants to rebel and if she would just do this THING she could find THAT happiness.

For Izzy this is SOUL CRUSHING because it means she can’t be who she is or believes to be without losing her mother, her family’s love and acceptance. Izzy stands up for herself and is sort of an underdog. She calls people out for their social injustices and this is considered part of her rebellion. However, Izzy is a girl who just wants love but not at the cost of losing herself and that is why she feels things so deeply.


2. What was your favorite scene to shoot?

I think one of my favorite scenes was the one with Elena teaching Izzy to shave her legs. In that scene there was a show of tenderness for Izzy where she felt like she connected with her mother, even if for only a brief moment. Izzy so craved that connection and for a moment she felt like she had it. The sad part is Elena only expressed she felt like now she was perfect, in the one and only time that Izzy was not being true to herself and was going out for acceptance. Like a blunt knife.


3. How are you and your character similar/different?

I think we are both strong-willed and believe in social integrity. We both love the arts and music, which are a big part of our lives. I think we are different in that my relationship with my mother is amazing and we are very close. I also like pastels and things that are like sunshine to me. I am a very positive, joyful, bubbly person.


4. Did you try to stay completely to character based on the book?

No, because there were seeds of Izzy in the book that were developed for the series. We were able to expand on those and dive deeper into her identity. The incredibly diverse writers room and production team reflected the characters that were in the book in a very authentic way.


5. What difference did you bring to the character? 

I think Izzy goes full circle in the series where she was able to look and truly see herself and find that self-love. I feel like she developed into this truth-teller for herself and others. I think I brought that truth to Izzy and clarity. She stopped going out for acceptance and chose a path that she could live and thrive in. In the end she knows who she is and isn’t willing to make compromises to help others feel more comfortable. I love how the writers collaborated to bring Izzy to this profound place.


6. What made you get into acting?

I wanted to give a face to the characters of the stories being told. I have always loved performing, starting in vocals and stage. I love the way that a character takes on a self as you infuse yourself into that character and it just becomes.


7. You were working with Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington! What did you learn from them working on this film?

I grew up watching Reese in films and was always inspired by her. I used to replay her scenes and moments in my living room. I loved “The Man in the Moon” because she was so young and looked like me. I also loved “Sweet Home Alabama” because it was sweet. She was an inspiration to me on set and seemed to be able to take on anything that was needed of her. She has an amazing work ethic. One of the things she taught me was to always give 100% in your scene even if it is a rehearsal. Another thing was to always bring myself to the scene and everything else would fall into place. I did not know Kerry Washington as well, but I did watch a little Scandal and loved her character Olivia Pope. She was also amazing to work with and every time we worked together I learned something new. They are both always so encouraging and accepting, it was wonderful when we were on set together because I knew it was going to be a great day. I am so grateful to have been able to work with such exceptional, strong women, it was an extraordinary experience. 


8. What was your favorite part about going to set?

I loved the atmosphere of everyone getting ready and becoming their characters. I also enjoyed getting to see all of the kids on set and spending time with all the amazing people! Everything ran very smooth and so many people were amazing at their jobs and roles. I had a routine of journaling in Izzy before and after my scenes so I could stay in touch with her and reflect back on my notes to see where she was at the last time we were doing a scene. It helped to stay connected emotionally with her.


9. What is your favorite food?

That is a really hard question!! I love sushi, snow crab, a good steak and cotton candy!! Those are just a few of my favorites. I could go on for forever. I am a true foodie but I love sweets more than anything.


10. An embarrassing moment?

I don’t think I have a lot of embarrassing moments, but I know I do! I remember in 1st or 2nd grade I had a crush on this boy. I decided one day in class that I was going to nonchalantly rub his newly shaved head. On my way over to him somehow, I kissed the top of his head instead! I have no idea what overcame me!!! I rushed to the restroom because I was massively embarrassed.


11. Your proudest moment?

My proudest moment was booking Izzy in “Little Fires Everywhere” because I had worked for 4 years by that point to book something. This showed me that you can never give up on your dreams. I am forever grateful to David Rueben and his team for seeing my potential and believing in me as an actress. I believe I am exactly where I am supposed to be and feel like all the “NOs” brought me to a better place to be prepared for this journey.


12. What’s your dream?

I am hoping to one day do films and to continue to expand in television and streaming shows. I also am preparing myself by learning about producing along the way. College is also a part of my dreams as I move forward.


13. If you weren’t an entertainer, what would you be doing right now?

If I wasn’t in this industry, I would be in high school about to graduate and planning my future to be an orthodontist or physician. I would also probably be in dance, gymnastics and the arts. I would continue to write and produce my own content in music.


14. What is your dream role? Real or imagined?

My dream role would probably have to be working with James Cameron, Steven Spielberg or Ron Howard. I would also love to produce an animated film for one of my favorite books and be a main character!


15. What is something you wish more people would ask you about?

I would love it if they would ask in depth questions.


16. What does Popular mean to you?

Popular means someone who can make a difference in the world with the people and someone that people can relate to and talk to. Someone who can inspire change within a community.


17. Can you tell us about any other projects you can tell us about?

I am in an upcoming feature film with Netflix called “Yes Day” with Jennifer Garner. (The date is yet to be determined.) I can’t wait to tell another story and I hope that people enjoy the next episodes of Little Fires Everywhere!


Keep up with Megan on Instagram and Twitter and be sure to catch her in ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ on Hulu!




  • Photographer Brooklin Rosenstock @brooklinpictures
  • Styling Madison Guest @madisonguest
  • Hair Dritan Vushaj @drtn
  • Makeup Edward Cruz @themakeuppapi