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Popular Girl: Molly McCook


Apr 1, 2020

Meet Popular Girl, Molly McCook! If you’re a fan of the Fosters spin-off, Good Trouble or Last Man Standing, then she probably needs no introduction. This Los Angeles native is incredibly incredibly passionate about her work, family, and “not mixing cereal and popcorn together” (sure Molly).

Keep reading for our exclusive interview!


1. Tell us about Last Man Standing (LMS) and your role as Mandy.

Mandy Baxter is a bubbly and passionate young woman who has started her own clothing brand at her father’s store. She’s the middle sister of 3 and recently married. Our show is about family; how we get through life one day at a time and how we love each other through it all.

2. How are you and your character similar/different?

I like to say I’m as optimistic as Mandy, although I’m probably a little more practical. She gets a little ahead of herself sometimes but her love and passion for what she does is something I can relate to.

3. You were recently on Good Trouble and your character dealt with a lot of hard choices. How was playing that character for you?

Rebecca was a very challenging role for me for many reasons but I love her very much. She means well but is harsh on the surface. There were a lot of layers to peel back and I absolutely loved figuring out every single one of them.

4. What is a timeless piece of clothing for you?

I don’t necessarily have one specific item that feels timeless but I do feel like a classic turtleneck can get through any fashion era.

5. Take us on a “walk through” of your closet – (describe your wardrobe, do you have a big shoe collection, are you a purse collector, favorite brands?)

My closet is probably 70% jackets and about 20% light summer dresses/jumpsuits, and then 10% fancy. My shoe collection is heavily on the sneaker side. I throw them on with everything and justify any sneaker purchase in any weather.  

6. What is the coolest thing about being an LA native?

I’d say my comfortability with the city. I’m not intimidated by it. It can still surprise me but having a childhood history here makes me appreciate it in a special way. Not to mention, I’m fortunate to have my family nearby.

7. What is your favorite food?

Cereal and popcorn. NOT together!

8. An embarrassing moment?

Running full speed at Coachella in the dark and not seeing a tent cable that hit my legs so hard, I spun completely around it, while spraining my ankle on the landing. Lots of strangers laughed, and so did I, until I felt the pain!

9. Your proudest moment?

Honestly, my proudest feeling in the world was sitting in the audience of my husband John’s (then, fiancé) Broadway debut in Hadestown. He worked so hard for that very moment, and I got to see him achieve that. For me, I’d say bowing after my first LMS live show. It was a really big accomplishment and something I had wanted for many years.

10. What is your dream?

I just want people to see something in me that gives them hope. Whether that be something I say or a character I portray. I hope to help people in any way possible.

11. If you weren’t an actress, what would you be doing right now?

That’s hard to say because it’s what I’ve wanted since I was a little girl. I’m a singer as well so to commit to a career in music would be ideal, but maybe a therapist. I’m very much in touch with my feelings and I’m fascinated by the mind, and having the ability to guide people would bring me joy.

12. What does Popular mean to you?

I think the word “Popular” brings such distinct memories back. Whether they are good or bad. High school sort of set the tone for what that is. Having some perspective now, Popular should be about someone’s ability to connect to people and how they bring good people together. To me, Popular means exuding positivity and kindness. Popularity should be about sincerity which can make someone irresistible.

13. Can you tell us about any other projects you can tell us about?

I’ll hopefully be writing more music. Slowly but surely. It’s nice to do it in my own time. I’m also currently raising money for an amazing organization called The Covenant House, specifically Covenant House – California. They shelter and support homeless youth for those who want to live better lives. What they do there is remarkable. Visit to learn more!



You can find her on both Twitter and Instagram @mollyjmcook!

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