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Popular Girl: YouTuber Vicky Justiz Launches Virtual Workout Studio App, Daily Thrive


Mar 2, 2021

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Popular TV had the amazing opportunity to interview the incredibly talented Vicky Justiz, who has over 1.68 Million YouTube subscribers to her fitness channel. Vicky recently announced the launch of Daily Thrive by Vicky Justiz – an innovative virtual workout studio app offering full length workouts, challenges, schedules and programs. As one of YouTube’s top virtual trainers, Vicky Justiz’s told us her goal is to show men and women around the world that living a healthy lifestyle does not have to be boring or feel like a punishment by making her workouts diverse and fun while offering structure and accessibility to do workouts anytime, anywhere. Daily Thrive offers a community for women to support one another, where your trainer is doing the workout with you from beginning to end without intimidation, to support and motivate the whole way. A place where you are welcomed no matter your size, shape or ability while always focusing on gratitude and feeling joy when moving your body, it’s about waking up every day energized and feeling like the best version of yourself. For those of you who don’t follow or subscribe to Vicky’s channels check out how down to earth, driven and smart she is in the interview below:

NAME: Vicky Justiz

NICKNAME: Vicky Justiz, or just VICKY!

OCCUPATION: ahhhh…. A YouTuber, content creator, fitness coach, CEO of Daily Thrive App. Just to name a few!

HOW ARE YOU FEELING TODAY? Excited, exhausted, motivated, inspired, and kinda hungry. 

WHAT IS POPULAR TO YOU? Hmmm… The social media world has definitely changed the meaning of popularity. During quarantine, we’ve got the whipped coffee, the baked feta and basically anything trending from TikTok. 

YOUR PROUDEST MOMENT SO FAR: I’ve got two main ones! One is when I hit one million subscribers on YouTube. To think that one MILLION people have seen me and clicked the subscribe button is crazy. The second is launching @dailythriveapp. We had so many people in the industry try to tell us that “apps are dead” and that there is “too much competition” out there. But obviously, there is space for us all. It has been going so well with the most amazing feedback. I bring a new and fresh perspective to fitness, and my audience loves that about me. 

FAVORITE WORKOUT MOVE? FIRE HYDRANTS!!! My booty feels rounder right away, so that’s nice. I just feel like it’s sooo effective for booty gains!

WHAT IS YOUR DREAM COLLABORATION? I feel like I have already collaborated with some DREAM brands such as Gatorade, Mini Cooper, Women’s Best… but another dream would be to work with an airline! We love to travel and it would be soooo cool to work with an airline. 


DO YOU HAVE A PARTY TRICK? Yes! I can move one eye and not the other. There’s a trick to it… but I will never tell!

LAST FASHION ITEM PURCHASED: Fashion? In quarantine? All i can remember is buying sweatpants…. But the last purchase I made was a new Bikini from CottonOn.

FAVORITE WORKOUT GEAR: My faves are Women’s Best Wear, Ryderwear, and Lululemon!

FAVORITE BOOK: Any book by Liane Moriarty. They are GOOD. I especially loved “The Husband’s Secret.” THE DRAMA…. I love it. 

TV ADDICTION: I have way too many guilty pleasures but I would say: Grey’s Anatomy, Law & Order SVU, & Love Island UK. 

KARAOKE ANTHEM: Any classic rock song – ACDC, Journey, Bon Jovi.

WHAT MUSIC DO YOU HAVE ON YOUR WORKOUT SPOTIFY? I love working out to latin music & soca music! Anything that feels happy & tropical. There is some house sprinkled in there as well. 

LAST MOVIE WATCHED: Mamma Mia 2 (for the 15th time). Such a feel good film. 

TELL US A SECRET: I love eating Big Macs from McDonald’s. Most people are shocked because I am a fitness coach but I’ve loved them since I was little. Always ask for extra sauce and extra cheese too. I usually have it once a month! Anything in moderation can’t hurt. 

HOW DOES IT FEEL TO INSPIRE PEOPLE? It feels surreal, probably because I spend half the time doubting myself, or feeling like I am not doing enough.

WE KNOW YOU WRITE AND SHOOT VIDEOS ALL AROUND THE WORLD – WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SO FAR? Most of my workout videos are filmed in Miami, But back when we did travel vlogs, my favorite was our videos from Costa Rica! 

WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO IN YOUR FREE TIME? I love to cook, read, scroll on Pinterest, watch shows, spend time with family and friends, and play hard games!

CAN YOU TELL US ANY FUN OR FUNNY MOMENTS THAT HAPPENS BTS? I film my cats trying to get ALL over me. It’s actually so extreme it’s hilarious. They don’t care about me all day but as soon as the camera is on they just can’t resist. 

WHAT WAS YOUR PRIZED POSSESSION IN HIGH SCHOOL? My waterproof Olympus Camera. That went with me EVERYWHERE! And then we would upload all 100 photos from a single party on Facebook. Classic.

BEST COMPLIMENT YOU COULD GET: Anything that has to do with my brains. That I am smart or creative or a great leader. That’s something I would really take pride in because it’s something I spent a long time proving to the world.

COULD YOU TELL US MORE ABOUT SOME OF THE PROJECTS YOU ARE WORKING ON? Right now our main focus is Daily Thrive App! We have SO many plans for this platform in the future, so much more is coming this year, the sky’s the limit. We really want to focus on making workouts and fitness as approachable as possible. By training with me, you have a coach who is relatable and who does not try to look perfect all the time. Workouts are HARD – they are supposed to be – and I am never afraid to show that. We want to continue expanding and breaking down barriers in the fitness world!

You can keep up with Vicky on IG and YouTube