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Popular Girl: Zonnique


Jun 16, 2020

Growing up in the spotlight is nothing but a dream for most people. For singer Zonnique Pullins, referred to professionally simply as Zonnique, growing up in the spotlight has simply been a way of life.

From girl group OMG (Officially Miss Guided) to solo career, Zonnique is ready to release music on her own terms. In wake of her new singles “Winner” and “#FTCU,” both released on May 4, we talked to her bout her musical inspirations, misconceptions about life, and what’s coming next.

In addition to releasing her own music, Zonnique is also appearing on the current and 9th season of T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle. The show airs on Mondays at 9:00 p.m. on VH1.


1. You’re about to drop two singles! What can you tell us about them?
Both singles are really fun and two of my favorite songs. I got to create with a couple of my people. I honestly had so much creating these in the studio and they both have two totally different vibes.

2. Where do you draw musical inspiration from?
I get musical inspiration from things that happen in my day to day life, even if it’s something small like ‘the sky is pretty today’ lol. I’ll write down in my notes how it makes me feel. When I go to the studio I’ll literally have a list of things to talk about..sometimes the beat inspires me to go in a different direction though.

3. Who/What is the biggest inspiration for this new era of music?
There are so many dope artists right now, so the list is definitely long of people who inspire me in general..but I also think the fact that R&B has come back in such a major way has been a inspiration in itself for artist like me who does R&B.

4. Your birthday was a month ago right as all of this started. Were you able to celebrate? If so, how?
Yesss my birthday was March 20th the beginning of quarantine lol and even though I didn’t do my annual trip or a big party, I really enjoyed myself on my birthday. My friends and family made it really special by gathering at the house with food and drinks and games.

5. How has your sound changed/progressed since OMG?
Since OMG my voice has progressed so much. It’s stronger and I’m more confident in how I sound. My writing and honestly everything has progressed because when you come out of a group everything is all on you, so you work harder to perfect yourself in every aspect because there’s no one to lean on.

6. Favorite era of music?
My favorite era in music would definitely be ’90s music and ’00s from when I was growing up.

7. Tell us about your style.
My style is honestly so chill, if it’s comfortable and cute it definitely belongs to me.  I like to dress up occasionally but even then I like to be as comfortable as possible.

8. Where are your favorite places to shop?
I like to shop at online boutiques, sites like Nasty Gal, House of CB, Fashion Nova – they always have a wide range of selections.

9. Favorite movie & tv show?
I have a lot of favorite movies that have been my favorites since I was a kid so these would include:  Titanic  (I’ve loved since I was 3), Cat in the Hat, The Hot Chick, and my fave show ever is Martin.

10. Go to quarantine snack and activity?
My go to snack is double stuffed Oreos with milk and my favorite quarantine activity is reading a good book.

11.What is something you wish more people knew about you / asked about?
I wish more people knew I go by my name, Zonnique, Niq Niq is what my family calls me. I know everyone watches the show and sees everyone call me Niq Niq but it’s weird when people I don’t know call me that, and people ask me random stuff all the time so I’m good on being asked anything.

12. Misconception about your life?
Biggest misconception is that I get everything handed to me and anything I want, and I would think from people basically watching my family for years and seeing how my parents are that they wouldn’t believe that lol I hardly ask my parents for anything and it’s been like that since I started working and touring with omg

13. Can you tell us a secret?
When I was in elementary school I thought I was Regina George, and I still have my burn book till this day!

14. What does popular mean to you?
To me popular means being confident in who you are, knowing your worth without anyone having to tell you, the popular people always have these qualities.

15. What other upcoming projects do you have coming up.
My new singles are just the start, I have new videos, a full new project, and all types of new content coming up very soon :))

Keep up with Zonnique on Instagram @zonniquejailee, Twitter @zonnique, and TikTok/Triller @zonniquep and check out her new singles right here:


  • Photographer Donté Maurice