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Popular Guy: Alexander Cooper


Jun 25, 2020

Skateboarding extraordinaire Alexander Cooper is taking his talents to the screen once again in a role that is seemingly all too perfect for him. Appearing as ‘Charlie’ in the HBO series “Betty” set to premiere this fall, the show follows a diverse group of young women navigating their lives through the predominantly male-oriented world of skateboarding.

This role is a spin-off to the 2018 film ‘Skate Kitchen’ where he appeared alongside Jaden Smith. Funny enough, the majority of his lines in the film were actually improvised (he’ll tell you more about that later)!

He’s also been featured in Tame Impala’s music video for their song ‘My Life’, also starring Willow Smith. The video showcases Willow and her group of skater friends, including Alex, in a free-spirited and LGBTQ+ positive storyline. Cooper is also co-owner of an upcoming streetwear brand, Coincidence, which was created to show people that they can do whatever they love. Music may also be in the works for the actor, but for right now he’s just testing the waters.


Keep reading to see our full feature with the actor now!


1. Skateboarding is undoubtedly second-nature to you at this point in your life. Who, or what inspired you to initially pick-up skateboarding?

I was in 7th grade at the time, 12 years old. One of the kids in my class brought his skateboard to school and started doing Kickflips, I thought it was the coolest thing I ever seen. Later me and my homie went to the mall, to a SkateShop called Yellow Rat Bastard and all I had was $20. I was $40 short, so I walked around the mall for 3 hours asking everyone for a dollar until I had enough. My friend was gonna leave but I came right in time got the set up went outside started practicing my first ollie.


2. What fond memories do you have growing up in the concrete jungle of New York City? 

Long nights, always on the move, always in the city, or Brooklyn, and everywhere. Especially being a skater growing up in New York City, it felt like one big playground. Every year was different, I kept getting older and learning more and getting better or worse. Lots of challenges and blessings, it was always a good time and will always be a good time if you in New York with me!


3. You’ve conquered the skate park, and now you’re conquering the cinematic screen. How did you land your role as Charlie in the movie ‘Skate Kitchen’? 

Yes, I do love skate parks cause I love practicing my tricks. I met Rachelle and Nina At LES skatepark in 2016, we all loved each other’s energy so we hung out for 2 weeks at Crystal’s house while she went out of town for business. During those 2 weeks, the 3 of us became really close. Once Crystal got back I met her and became her personal assistant. Then it came time to filming the movie, my character was not apart of the script, all my scenes and lines were improvised and I had little acting experience before so it was a little challenging, but Crystal knew I could do it.


4. Now, you appear in the new HBO series ‘Betty.’ Could you tell us about the show?  

The show is awesome because I love the fact that we are all older and have more room for character development. It is similar but very different from the movie, the show gets deeper with each character. It feels very open and nostalgic as well as very modern and real. Most of the stories are real, so it’s just us playing ourselves in a way, with most characters on set.


5. What message do you hope viewers take away from the show? 

Freedom, I hope they can see the show and feel like they’re in New York, I hope they can take some inspiration from the show, start skating or talking to that girl you like, or making up with those friends you love, life to short to worry and complain, just be you.


6. Do you have any funny or memorable on-set stories you’d like to share? 

So many crazy moments on set with Karim, CJ, Keith, Sconz, and everyone. I was always laughing on set, be it from us joking with each other, or getting the production cast mad, not on purpose, but we kids from New York, it’s bound to happen. I don’t even think I can say anything without feeling like a snitch, just know we ran it up, it was always love too.


7. Aside from skateboarding and acting, what are your other passions? 

I also love to make music. I am very passionate about wordplay and expression, and clothing design because I want to spread a message with my clothes. I am passionate about my message and my truth that I will spread throughout the world. In time and on time.


8. What hopes do you have for your career in the next five years?

Not looking that far because I live day to day and in the moment every day becoming the greatest version of my self with no rush only patients and love, though I would love to see my career skyrocket in all areas within the next 5 years, be it a role in a superhuman movie, or on tour playing shows with my homies, and or releasing a video part for skateboarding, and a few collections of clothes being released. I mostly hope I’m still alive.


9. How have you been keeping yourself busy during our days of quarantine? 

Focusing on my music and designs, but for the most part, I have been chill. Working on my mind, body, and Spirit.


10.  What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? “Luck is Opportunity meeting readiness” Basically meaning to prepare yourself. If you want something in life train, work hard, and smart. Be it, Don’t want to be it, just be it. Whatever it is that you want to be, own it and practice your skills, and or develop more skills. Take a whole year or 10 and really commit and dedicate. When the time is right it will come and you will be more ready then you’ll ever know, have Fatih and trust in your self. We all have ups and downs, now keep your head up and get yours!


11. Tell us something most people don’t know about you! People don’t know that I want to cry every day because you would not be able to tell; not from sadness or lack of, but distance and sacrifice. In this life, if you really want something you will have to make sacrifices, and those maybe some of the toughest decisions you’ll ever make. But you must stay strong no matter how grave the pain is, we must learn to let go and flow with life, flow with the process of life, your divine path. We all have one.


12. What is your life mantra? 

I got a few, “its all meant to be, everything happens for a reason” even if we can’t see the reason at that moment, everything has a reason. “whatever happens, happens I will deal with it later” No matter what, I will do what I have to do, even if it isn’t according to my “plan” I’ll deal with it. “Confidence, Dedication, and Patients are keys of life” Trust yourself and be confident, work hard and stay dedicated, and most importantly BE PATIENT!


13. If you could make a cameo in any music video in history, what would it be? 

Haha “we found love” by Rihanna, take Calvin Harris out and that would be my cameo or “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana would be fun to thrash at and or “Take On Me” by A-ha is also super sick. Though I would love to make a cameo In a Kid Cudi, Asap Rocky, Trippie Redd, Playboi Carti, or Sales video in the future. Or even make music with them.


14. Alright, tell us, how many injuries have you subjected yourself to in your skateboarding career? 

Haha well, when I first started skating I was trying to do an ollie in the snow my foot slid off and since I was so short the board hit my face, my tooth came out and I had a small hole in my cheek, and lots of blood, which is funny because I hadn’t even been skating for 6 months when that happened and I kept going, I really loved it, also later tore a ligament in my left arm and leg. It was karma because I cut school one day, lied about having to go to the doctor with no intention of doing so, went skating, fell on a boardslide down the union rail at Maloof Skatepark (which is an easy trick) I blacked out and had to go to the doctor, so don’t lie about stuff like that, it might actually happen.


15. What does the word “Popular” mean to you? 

To be popular is to be well known, be it from good or bad. Popularity is a status, one in which I don’t necessarily care for but am aware of it. If and when I gain lots of popularity I will use it to my advantage to help the world and the people living in it. To love and Inspire, Create, and destroy.


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