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Popular Guy: Bradley Constant


Feb 21, 2021

Undoubtedly a rising star within the film industry, Bradley Constant is set to have a bright career ahead of him. Starring as a 15-year old Dwayne Johnson in the new NBC comedy series “Young Rock,” the 22-year old finds himself on the precipice of his big break into the mainstream, and couldn’t be more excited for the challenge. “Young Rock” follows the early life of actor, producer, businessman, retired professional wrestler Dwayne Johnson, showcasing the trials and tribulations he faced along the way that shaped him into the larger-than-life character he is today. When asked about the hardest time in his life at NBC’s recent TCA, Dwayne Johnson paid homage to the rising star’s talents: “… the hardest time would probably be in that era of being 15 years old… So, you know, I give Bradley, our actor, a lot of credit…”  

Bradley Constant, who was closely mentored by Dwayne Johnson during the shooting of “Young Rock” in Australia, comes from humble beginnings, taking classes and pursuing acting at the age of 12 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where he was born and raised. Determined to make it within the entertainment industry, Bradley Constant moved to New York in order to study and gain experience and is now based in Los Angeles. Beyond his prowess as an emerging actor, the young star is also a stellar athlete who has run a total of 5 marathons thus far, as well as a golfer.

In this interview we had the chance to discuss with Bradley Constant his experience shooting “Young Rock,” advice Dwayne Johnson gave him, his plans for the future, and much more.


So, you’re portraying a young Dwayne Johnson in the new NBC/Universal Television comedy series “Young Rock.” How did the opportunity for that role come about?


It was January of 2020, and I had just returned to LA after spending the holidays back home in Alabama. My manager sent me an email and the first thing I saw was a GIF of The Rock waving his hand forward saying “Just bring it”. I scrolled down and saw that it was for an audition for a tv show based on Dwayne Johnson’s life! This was super exciting of course, but also a bit ironic because my two older brothers and I have always joked about looking a bit like him saying, “..we could be playing The Rock’s son on TV.”


How did you initially get into acting?

When I was 12, I was really into baseball. I fell in love with it starting with hitting tee-ball at age 5. My dream was to play for the Yankees one day. Jeter was the man! But at 12 years old, I was sidelined for a while after having surgery to remove a tumor from my left shoulder. At this point I tried out for my school’s baseball team and didn’t make it, three times in a row. This hurt me quite a bit at the time. Baseball was my thing, something that made me really happy and it felt like I lost it. I was also a huge Disney channel fan at the time and I would come home after school and watch it for hours. The actors looked like they were having so much fun, they were so positive and happy. One day after school I pulled out my mom’s laptop and googled “acting.”

From there, I started watching behind the scenes videos of tv shows and movies. IT WAS SO COOL. I had to try it for myself so I then google searched for acting classes near my hometown. My mom would drive me up to Birmingham, AL (which is an hour north of my home in Tuscaloosa) every Saturday. My first class, I didn’t really know what to expect. The teacher handed me a short monologue and I was called up in front of 15 strangers to perform it aloud. The moment it was over, I knew this was my new thing. It was new and exciting and my heart just felt right performing.


How was your experience filming “Young Rock” in Australia?

Shooting “Young Rock” in Australia was incredible. I had never left the country before filming, so I was obviously extremely excited for the opportunity to go there. I continued working in a grocery store from March of 2020 (when I booked the show) to September 2020 (when I left to film). My coworkers at the store and I kept each other’s spirits up, even though everyone was feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns.

After exiting my required two week quarantine in Brisbane, I was quickly reminded of how lucky I was. Living in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia was like living in a dream. There were no Covid cases in Queensland so we could walk out in public without a mask. I would walk around town and just notice people smiling, I could actually see their expressions. We could go shopping in lively malls, attend food festivals like Eat Street with live bands and an audience. We could go to the movies! I rented a car and went to theme parks. All the little things that we hadn’t been able to do in LA since March. I could go on for days about how special my time in Brisbane was. But most of all, it allowed us to enjoy filming this special show without the fear of Covid.


Tell us about the very first time you met Dwayne Johnson. What was the experience like?

I first met DJ via Zoom and boy was I nervous. I had questions prepped for character study. I hit him with a few questions but the conversation really just started going back and forth. He’s so easy to talk to. Dwayne is incredibly genuine and open about his life. We had a great chat and he just made me feel comfortable. We had laughs and most of all he provided words of encouragement. Safe to say he erased all my nerves and gave me a lot of confidence going into filming. I couldn’t be more proud to be playing a guy like him.


As an accomplished actor himself, what were some of Johnson’s words of advice that stuck with you?

He never placed any pressure on me, he believed in me and let me be myself. I think the best advice he’s given me would be the indirect things. Just watching and listening and learning from him. How he treats everyone the right way, his hard work ethic and definitely his belief in himself. As I continue to grow, I hope to represent those qualities throughout my own career.


Talk to us about “Young Rock” and the storyline of the series. 

“Young Rock” is a beautiful comedy. It has tons of awesome and real characters that pull at your heartstrings but also make you laugh like it’s a workout. It’s 2032 and Dwayne is running for president. He’s on the campaign trail and doing interviews where he talks openly about his formative years. In the past three timelines you’ll see Dwayne at 10 years old in his childhood years in Hawaii, at 15 in his rebellious and girl-crazy teenage years in Pennsylvania, and from 18-20 during his time playing football at the University of Miami.


What is one thing you admire most about Dwayne Johnson and his astonishing career?

I admire how grounded and humble Dwayne has remained over the years. Family is clearly the most important thing to him and no matter how busy he is, no matter how many people demand his attention, he’s always making time to take care of and be there for his family. All while remaining humble and being kind to everyone.


 As a rising star in the industry, what are your plans after this?

I’m gonna keep working my a** off. I don’t know what lies ahead but I hope that I can continue to be a part of fun, inspiring projects like this one. I will be grateful for whatever opportunity comes next. I’m also hoping for a second season of “Young Rock”!


Would acting in movies or series interest you more long-term and why?

No preference really. As long as I get to work with great people and continue to make my family proud, I’m in. Whatever it is I do, I’ll give it my all and pour my heart into it because I’m lucky to be able to do this for a living. And whether it be in Film or TV, I love being a part of something that people will enjoy. Just putting this out into the universe, but I am a die-hard Star Wars fan so anything Star Wars is an immediate yes!


What are some of your favourite hobbies and activities that you enjoy when you’re not acting?

This might sound like a typical answer nowadays but I’m a huge gamer. Sitting in front of my monitor and my Xbox is my happy place. And it’s how I get to hang out with my family and friends that are far away.

I also enjoy running, I’ve ran in 5 marathons so far and I’m hoping to hit at least 25 more before I retire. I’m a big football, baseball and basketball fan but I spend more time golfing, I can’t get enough of it. And last but most definitely not least, I make beats secretly. I have probably made thousands of beats over the years but it’s unlikely that I will share with anyone. I love music and it’s just very therapeutic for me.


  • Photo by Russell Baer