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Popular Guy: Dan Virtue


Feb 6, 2022

With the mission of providing individuals, organisations and operations with state-of-the-art digital services of all kinds, Dan Virtue, the founder and CEO of VIRTUE Clan, is taking over the entertainment industry and beyond.
With a recent evaluation that placed the company at over $100 million net worth, VIRTUE Clan doubles down as a private network, focused on supplying its clients with new solutions, free-trade zones and a social ecosystem made to create viral moments and long-lasting audience engagement.

Leading the charge, Dan has helped the organisation scale up into one of the strongest international digital intelligence agencies there is. His clientele consists of everyone from brands, artists, models, athletes, entrepreneurs and other public figures, who boast a collective 80 million reach across platforms. With over 600 accounts under its roster, 5% of which are fully part-owned by VIRTUE, the company has established its footing within multiple industries, most notably known for its work within the world of entertainment.

For some context, the VIRTUE’s members reach between 500 to 5 million people per account, while averaging a following of 150k per individual entity. These clients, who are carefully picked and approved by Dan and the VIRTUE staff, can enjoy a wide array of services that range from content creation and social media management to business consulting and SEO. VIRTUE’s fully-staffed, in-house studios are able to deliver high end projects on a daily basis, that include film and photo production, film trailers, editing, banner design and much more. Additionally, VIRTUE also takes care of its clients by providing 24/7 social media management, campaign promotion, sponsor scouting, event and product marketing, growth on various social media platforms, and much more.

Something notable about Dan is that he practices what he preaches, with his own Instagram page amassing over 200,000 people and consistently generating viral moments that are able to take over the internet. VIRTUE’s main Instagram page counts more than 1.3 million followers, while its dedicated pages for news, new products, merch, e-sports, travel and more have amassed another collective 500k+ followers.

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