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Popular Guy: Jacob Hopkins


Mar 19, 2020

Meet Jacob Hopkins, the voice of Axel Finke in Netflix’s Dragons: Rescue Rider as well as the fan favorite Chad Kremp from the hit show The Goldbergs! We got the chance to sit and chat with Jacob about his new role, his proudest moment, and a foundation he happens to be very passionate about!

1. Tell us about Rescue Riders and your character Axel!

Dragons Rescue Riders takes place in the world of How to Train Your Dragon in an island called Huttsgalor. Axel Finke, a mischievous young man with a mischievous daring plan arrives on said island in search of his evil genius uncle, Magnus Finke. However, Axel has his own agenda, which is the coolest part about him. He follows no one, and if he does, it’s only to gain their trust. You never really know what he’s up to, which makes him one heck of a con man.


2. Which character of yours are you most similar to?

Gumball for sure. He’s animated (both literally and figuratively), daring, fun, lovable, and adventure is his middle name! So basically me.


3. Who is your favorite voice actor?

I actually have two, and each for a different reason. Max Mittelman is incredible for his godlike range, and Christopher Sabat is just an absolute legendary voice actor. Both are incredibly talented, and I hope to someday record with them in the booth (preferably together).


4. What inspires you?

Whenever I’m in a rut, I find myself either drawing, drumming, or practicing taekwondo, depending on how I feel. If I’ve got a ton of work to do and I feel cramped or drowned in it, drumming and taekwondo (both physical activities that I enjoy) are great ways for me to release that stress. If I’ve had a long day of work and I just want to relax, drawing is a great way to do so. All three of these art forms inspire me and get my creative juices flowing. I’m always making new things with each one!


5. If you could instantly learn one skill, what would it be?

Nothing. I don’t want to instantly learn something. Part of what makes your unique abilities unique is how you got them. I feel like the hard work you put into honing your skills is what makes them special. So, with that said, it would be the ability to fly. ‘Nuff said.


6. Who are you currently listening to?

FALL. OUT. BOOOOOOOY!!!! And also ’80s rock.


7. An embarrassing moment?

When I was on the verge of turning five in the world of kindergarten, I had an epiphany where I would cut my bangs the day before my first job: a K-mart commercial with Jaclyn Smith. After I dashed left in right with shears in hand, I had another epiphany: “I’ll just put the hair on top of my head, and my mom won’t notice the difference!” She noticed. And if you google the commercial, my bangs are really freakin’ short.


8. Your proudest moment?

Without a doubt, it would be landing the role of Gumball Watterson. I had to go through two months of testing to get the part. A lot of hard work, tears, and vocal cords went into that process, and I’ll always be grateful for the skills I learned while doing so.


9. What is your dream?

I want nothing more than to create and voice act in my own cartoon. I’ve been working on one for three years now, and I can’t wait to pitch it!


10. What is something you wish more people would ask you about?

I’m actually a celebrity youth ambassador (for seven years now) for the non-profit charity “The Jonathan Foundation”, who works with families and individuals affected with learning disabilities, special needs including behavioral/emotional/physical/cognitive needs to obtain the proper assessments, IEPs, and educational placement that will help them reach their true potential. Unfortunately, children and youth with learning disabilities and special needs are often neglected in schools, which is exactly why The Jonathan Foundation exists. Raja Marhaba, the Founder, strives endlessly to not only get the best education for these children, but make a difference in school districts so they’ll never get left behind.


11. Can you tell us a secret?



12. What is your dream role?

I’ve always wanted to play a Marvel superhero, even before the MCU was made! I think playing a superpowered character who saves people, fights evil, and joins other heroes is the coolest thing ever.


13. What is something you wish more people knew about you?

I really want to bring attention to this: I am not a blue cat in real life. It’s honestly incredibly offensive to the Blue Cat Community to assume so, and I just wish people would accept me for the normal human I am. Please, donate to today. Thank you.


14. What does Popular mean to you?

Popular describes something that is well known. But when someone is popular, they should use that popularity for good. That’s what I like about my celebrity status: I have the power to raise awareness for incredible charities like The Jonathan Foundation, Lollipop Theater, etc. I am honored and humbled to have achieved this level of influence, and I promise to keep using it for good and charity!


15. Can you tell us about any other projects you have coming up?

I have more episodes of The Goldbergs coming out soon in the role of Chad Kremp, as well as Season Two of Dragons Rescue Riders streaming on Netflix. Be sure to check them out, and thanks for having me!
You can follow up with Jacob on Instagram @hopkinsjake and on Twitter @HopkinsJacob5!


  • Photographer Birdie Thompson