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Popular Guy: Kai Bradbury


May 12, 2020

So we’ve been binging Motherland: Fort Salem since our interview with Taylor Hickson aka Raelle and while we do love #Raylla, in this house we stan Gerit, aka Popular Guy – Kai Bradbury.

Keep reading to find out more about the Freeform series Motherland: Fort Salem, the CW’s Warigami, and a secret that we have to admit we definitely share!

1. Tell us about Gerit on Motherland: Fort Salem.

Gerit is a young male witch from an upper echelon, high society family. He’s a romancer and has eyes for Tally Craven (Jessica Sutton), right from the get-go.

2. How did you prepare to play a warlock?

I didn’t have a lot of specific research preparing for this role. I read up on some Wiccan practices and mostly trusted my instincts when it came to exploring this fresh take on the universe of witches.


3. Tell us about a first for you on this set?

Among many firsts, I would say working on the intimate scenes felt like a big milestone. Lots of trust, respect and communication goes into intimacy on film. It was very well handled and we had intimacy coaches guiding us through the giggles. So grateful for Jessica and the production team for making us feel safe and look great!


4. One of the Beltane rituals includes The Reel (a dance). How long was the preparation for something like this and did you have any dance experience prior?

A huge dance like The Reel starts its process long before any of us step into the rehearsal hall. We learned it over 2 days and took an entire day to shoot. I trained in tap, jazz and ballet at theatre school, so it was fun getting to use those skills again!


5. Both Motherland and Warigami are pretty action heavy. How was your preparation different for each role?

Both roles required very different things from me physically. It was really exciting to train in some Tae Kwon Do for Warigami! Though both have very emotional moments, I would say Warigami was primarily the body and Motherland was the heart.


6. What would you do with “paper powers”?

I’m very non-confrontational so I think Vincent has a lot more fun with his powers than I would. I think I would use them for mundane household tasks, instead of knives or scissors…


7. You are both Japanese and Scottish with Venezuelan family influence. You also grew up in Canada and have done a French immersion program. Do you speak any other languages and how has growing up in multiple cultures influenced you today?

I grew up speaking English, French, Japanese and some Spanish. I could speak forever about cultural influence… Like many children of immigrants, I have a deep connection to my family histories and hold traditions dearly. I’m so grateful for the stories I carry and it’s given me passion to learn about other people’s culture and language.


8. What is your dream role – real or imagined?

This is a new dream, but to play a prince – perhaps one that doesn’t exist in the Disney canon yet.


9. You’re a fan of In the Heights, what is your favorite song from the soundtrack? (any song that isn’t 96,000 may be marked wrong).

Though 96,000 is a staple of that show, my favorites are actually the less-flashy tracks that drive the heart and relationships. Everything I know, Champagne and When You’re Home are my top tracks. I’m basically all tears from start to finish because I connect so deeply with the immigrant story and I have a powerful relationship with all my grandparents.


10. Which character in pop-culture do you most identify with?

Right now I’d say WALL-E. Not for any of his lonesome sadness but for his curiosity and love for precious knickknacks. We’re both sort of hopeless romantics too, I think.


11. Most rewatched tv show?

I’ve never properly rewatched an entire series start to finish. Psych (USA) is an all time favorite and comes closest – I always wanted to be on it too but it wrapped before I started working.


12. What draws you to a project?

I can get behind many genres but I get excited when the story and the writing is fresh and has a fine marriage of drama and comedy.


13. What is a question you wish you got asked more? (answer it)

Did you spend your entire youth as a giant animal nerd and know excess amounts about rare, endangered and extinct species?



14. Can you tell us a secret?

I haven’t seen Game of Thrones… at all.


15. Do you have any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

I don’t currently have any projects in the works due to the pandemic! Certainly look for me in the rest of this season of Motherland: Fort Salem on Freeform and Hulu!


Keep up with Kai on Instagram and Twitter @Kaibury and be sure to watch Motherland Wednesdays at 9pm/8c on Freeform (or Hulu next day)! Go on… they’re clickable.




  • Photographer: Jason Sakaki @jasonsakaki