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Popular Guy: Phillip Lewitski


Apr 16, 2020

Set in the not-too-distant future you can find Apollo, set in the present, you can find Popular Guy – Phillip Lewitski! Similar to his musically inclined character on Utopia Falls, Phillip has a background of in piano, violin, and the drums. Not only is he insanely gifted at music (he plays everything by ear), but he has also written a book, is studying at The Lee Strasberg Institute, and has a pretty good grasp on his (not) dreams for the future.


Luckily he took the time out to talk to us and you can find out about all of that and more with our exclusive interview down below!


1. Tell us about Utopia Falls and your character Apollo 4? How are you like Apollo?

Utopia Falls follows a group of talented teenagers trying to find their way through a utopian society called New Babyl. This city is stripped of any discrimination against gender, race, and sexual orientation. Some things come up for our characters that make them question everything they know to be true. Music is a huge part of the culture in New Babyl and especially to Apollo. Apollo sees everything he does in life as music. He works as a mechanic and would use any tools he had around him to create music. Apollo questions everything and doesn’t listen blindly to people in power. He is always trying to find the truth and when he has any inkling that something seems off he will stop at nothing to expose the lies. The list of similarities between me and Apollo goes on forever; I have never felt so connected to a character. I learned so much from him and carry those lessons into my own life today.


2. Favorite part about going to set?

I absolutely loved the entire cast so I was always excited to work with them every day.


3. How did you get into acting?

My mom put me in a theatre production when I was younger and ever since my first steps on that stage I fell in love with the craft. Once I got older I transitioned from stage to screen.


4. What are you listening to right now?

I have always loved the band A Tribe Called Red but have found a whole new love for them after working with their music on Utopia Falls.


5. You published a book at 19?! What were challenges you faced in the process and what compelled you to do it?

Life was the only challenge writing this book. Having to dive into deep things that I went through in life and to put that on paper was pretty difficult. I wrote the book as life came at me as a young adult. The biggest thing that compelled me to do it was the hope that through my trials and tribulations someone out there would feel less alone in this big world. I know that in the chaos of difficulties it can almost seem impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel and sometimes hearing it from someone else is all you need. I write the things I learned from my experiences at the end of each chapter in hopes that others will learn from my mistakes. The response was breathtaking. The stream of messages I received from people made me cry. I couldn’t be happier with how people connected with me on such a deep level.


6. An embarrassing moment?

I once fell asleep on set in a makeup chair because I stayed up all night to look tired for a scene and when I woke up everyone was laughing at me.


7. Your proudest moment?

I think seeing myself go through with the completion of my first book was a proud moment for me.


8. What is your dream?

I don’t necessarily believe in dreams or predestined paths. I definitely believe in working really hard at what your pursuing and I manifest things for the future. I just have a lot of trust in life and that our creator is watching and guiding me on this path.


9. You play a lot of different instruments. How did you get into it and do you also write music?

I got into music at a very young age. I was homeschooled most of my life and my parents put me and all my siblings into music lessons. I love composing music although I don’t write my music down. I play everything by ear.


10. What do you think is the coolest thing you’ve gotten to do so far?

I was filming a movie close to the set of The Revenant and I had a death scene that required blood. The same producer was working on both movies so he brought over the same blood they were using on Leonardo DiCaprio and put it on me.


11. If you weren’t acting what would you be doing right now?

I would love to direct.


12. Do you have a party trick?

I can flip my eyelids inside out.


13. What is something you wish more people would ask you about?

I wish more people were talking about mental health. This is something that is really important to me and I love speaking with people on the subject.


14. What does Popular mean to you?

I think popular means someone who influences people in a positive productive way.


15. Can you tell us about any other projects your working on?

I am very excited to start shooting a feature film later on this year. I can’t give away any details but it deals with some very powerful topics that mean a lot to me.


You can also keep up with Phillip on Twitter @hereisphillip and on Instagram @philliplewitski  (Go on… they’re clickable)



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