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Popular Guy: Reed Horstmann


Mar 12, 2020

Meet Reed Horstmann, one of the stars on Netflix’s new hit series “The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia”! Reed plays ‘Stick’ – the football team’s equipment manager, one of Ashley’s good friends, and possibly a love interest to another lead? (We won’t spoil anything but binge it now!)

Keep reading to find out his favorite music, embarrassing moments, and his experience in Times Square!


1. Tell us about your character Stick and The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia? 

Stick Goldstein is the equipment manager of the football team coached by Victor Garcia (Jencarlos Canela). Tad (Conor Husting) is Stick’s best friend and has been for years. While Tad is the super outgoing one, Stick is much more reserved. He has a bit of social anxiety, which makes it hard for him to make friends. It’s a weird dichotomy though because while he does have that anxiety, he has this whole funny, snarky, self-deprecating side of him that people don’t really get to see until they get him to open up. Once that happens, the element becomes much more fun because Stick is a really cool guy.

2. How are you and your character similar? And how are you different?

I could relate to Stick because when I was younger it was also hard for me to open up and make friends. Stick has a lot of insecurities and fears that ultimately he learns to face in the show. That’s something I also had to learn to do. I am also like Stick because once I’m with friends it’s easier for me to open up and have a really good time. That is what Ashley, Brooke and Tad do for Stick in the show.

3. What was your favorite part about going to set?

My favorite part of going to set was probably show nights because we would tape in front of a live studio audience. Everyone was always so energetic and fun and in between scenes it was like a party. The whole audience would be dancing and the cast would always be having fun with one another. Live nights were definitely the best.

4. What did you learn from being on the show?

I learned how many people it takes to make these shows work. There were so many people outside of the actors that had jobs that were all incredibly important to making this show whole. When you watch movies and see all the names in the credits, it really doesn’t cross your mind that it takes that many people. It’s not until you meet them, see them day to day, and get to know them for it to become real. As an actor, I’m only one small piece of a massive operation. Everyone is working hard with goal of delivering a great show.

5. We know you’re big into music. Who is your biggest inspiration?

As a kid, I was always exposed the music my parents listened to when they were growing up. So my main source of inspiration comes from artists like Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, The Who, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, etc. Then through growing up, I really latched onto bands like Fall Out Boy, MGMT, The White Stripes and U2.

6. If you could plan the ultimate festival, who would be three headlining acts?

This is such a hard question because I love so many artists. However, I think Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco and Paramore would be awesome to see together. They’re all within the same genre and somewhere like Red Rocks (this massive outdoor amphitheater in Denver) would be perfect.

7. Best concert you’ve ever been to?

The best would either bt when I saw AC/DC when I was thirteen or when I saw Panic! At the Disco my freshmen year. AC/DC was an awesome experience because they are truly legendary and insanely loud. All their songs are what I grew up listening to so it was kind of a full circle moment in my childhood. Panic! was awesome because Brendon Urie is probably one of the best entertainers I’ve ever seen. His voice was insane and the songs are even more amazing live than on record.

8. There was a billboard of you in Times Square! How did that feel?

I didn’t believe it until I was standing right in front of it! I had gotten messages and seen posts about the billboard, but I was in total disbelief. It really didn’t hit me until I was standing there with my family and the rest of the cast. It was an amazing moment and makes me so proud of the work we did.

 9. An embarrassing moment?

There are so many embarrassing moments in my life so far. I’m kind of a clumsy person. I’ll just be walking outside or in my house, and I’ll spontaneously fall over. It happens a lot more than I’d like. It’s super embarrassing.

10. Your proudest moment?

I think my proudest moment so far has been booking this job. It was the first working experience I had and I worked really hard just to get up to that point. It was a long time coming and the payoff of so much hard work. The credit really goes to my whole family because we all worked and sacrificed for it. It was a surreal moment for all of us when we found out.

 11. What is your dream?

My dream is to keep doing what I’m doing now. Not many people are lucky enough to say they’re living their dream. It’s something that’s super special and I’m so appreciative that I get to do this. I just hope to get to continue acting into my adulthood. I want to keep doing television and be involved in some films. I want to work with established actors and directors and learn from them to further develop my career. I also want to further my creative endeavors through writing or directing.

12. What is something you wish more people would ask you about?

To be honest, I like the questions I’m usually asked. Although, sometimes I want to express more of who I am as a person. What my interests are outside of work, things like that.

13. Can you tell us a secret?

My first name is Timothy. Nobody really knows that since I go by Reed and have since I was a baby. My full name is Timothy Reed Horstmann.

 14. What does Popular mean to you?

To me, popularity isn’t all that it’s portrayed to be in the movies. To me, popularity is owning who you are. It’s not caring about anyone’s judgment or negativity. Once you own you and are confident, people will just be drawn to you. If you’re honest and you care about your loved ones, they’ll do the same for you. That’s all the popularity you need.

15. Can you tell us about any other projects you have coming up?

Right now I’m living the best of both worlds, working as an actor and living life as a high school student. We have part two of season one of “The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia” coming up. Hopefully after that we’ll get a season two, fingers crossed. Outside of that I’m always studying. I’m watching the performances of the actors I admire, practicing my writing and breaking down scripts always. The other side of that is I’m still in high school. Every day I’m going to classes and furthering my education. I want to be able to say I finished high school and hopefully move on to college. That’s the plan.


You can follow his ‘expanding universe’ on Instagram @reedhorstmann and keep up with ‘Stick’ on “The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia” now on Netflix!



  • Photographer Storm Santos