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Popular Guy: RJ Word!


Oct 29, 2019

Meet Popular Guy RJ Word! He is a talented singer, with a gorgeous voice that will make you girls want to fall in love this holiday season!

You will definitely add his new song to your favorite playlists so go check out his music. We had a blast hanging out with him at his photoshoot, and we got to ask him more about him and his music!

Tell us about your singles “Love Hurts” and “You Played Yourself”?

Love Hurts was a solo release and more artistically in my lane. Live instrumentation, lots of parts, a horn section and a choir. While You Played Yourself was a collaboration with Victor Magán and a little bit more of a commercial dance record with a vocal chop on the hook. Both songs talk about a relationship dynamic not working out, Love Hurts in a lustful way and You Played Yourself in a slightly more spiteful way.

What inspires you to create music?

I’ve always been obsessed with telling stories and music is just one of the best mediums to do that in. But, pretty much anything can inspire me. The time of year, a person, an event or just a feeling. Sometimes it’s just going to concerts and feeling inspired by other’s art and stories.

Tell us about your music video “What You Need”? And, how you self-directed your latest music video “Do You?”?

What You Need is a more narrative video that was released last year and directed by my friend Alex LeBas. Do You? is my latest single and music video that dropped just last month. It portrays a glamorized version of the production that goes into all of my songs. The video also hints/pokes fun at the story mentioned in the song.

Three people—dead or alive, real or fictional—that you’d like to invite to dinner?

Quincy Jones, David Bowie and mixing engineer Serban Ghenea.

Dream concert ticket (any band, any decade)?

I would’ve loved to have seen the Michael JacksonBad Tour that ran from 1987-1989. Or, have seen the Beatles last performance on the rooftop of Apple Corps in London during 1969.

Favorite movie?

Got a lot of those! Birdman, Labyrinth, Inception and Lawrence of Arabia to name a few.

Karaoke anthem?

That’s Life by Frank Sinatra is my go-to. But, if I feel like showing off, I’ll sing Take On Me by A-Ha.

Favorite artist?

Michael Jackson has to have been my biggest influence.

Favorite song?

Rock With You by Michael Jackson

Favorite TV show?

Probably Breaking Bad but I’m also a big 30 Rock Atlanta fan.

If you could only eat one thing from now on, what would it be?

Pasta, and because you didn’t say things had to be seasoned the same, I can leave that open-ended.

Tell us a secret/ Fun fact about yourself?

I co-write most of my songs with my best friends, and they’re all mixed in one of their bedrooms.

What does Popular mean to you?

Being appreciated by the majority.

Can you tell us about any other projects you have coming up?

I have another song coming out with Juan Magánsoon. Also, I just finished writing a Christmas song I’ll be dropping later this year. Love Christmas!



  • Photographer Brian Overend