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Popular Guy: Rudy Pankow


May 11, 2020

It’s nothing against you if you haven’t seen the new Netflix hit Outer Banks yet, but we’re totally judging you. Outer Banks literally has it all! Teen mystery? Check. Will they/ Won’t they love trope? Check. Cute boys? Check. And I say all of this to say we got to interview Rudy Pankow aka JJ, the unparalleled surfer who’s always up for anything… and the one you just can’t help but want to give a hug to every five minutes.

Keep reading as Rudy talks to us about his hopes for season 2, growing up in Alaska, and if he can really surf!


1. Tell us about Outer Banks and your role as JJ?

Outer Banks is about a group of tight knit friends that find themselves on a treasure hunt which then unravels a series of high stakes conflicts and challenges. I play JJ, the free spirited guy with a plan that usually doesn’t turn out to work. He’s loyal to a fault and has a heart that he doesn’t like to prove he has.

2. Favorite scene from Outer Banks?

I would have to say MidSummers scene. Because the entire cast was there that day as well as about two hundred plus extras, which kind of felt like we were performing on stage. Also everyone was really into it and when the extras get into it, you know the actors are doing their job.

3. Hopes for season 2?

I really hope for a conflict with the Pogues. We believe our best friend is dead. And we have to deal with that. Which doesn’t go well at the start.

4. Hardest role / scene to film so far?

I’d say the hardest scene was the boat chase scene because there are so many moving parts and it’s super hard to reset.

5. Where / why did you learn to play the harmonica?

I learned because I wanted to take on another instrument that could easily fill my time whenever/wherever I went, when I moved to LA.

6. How did you get the shot of you flying on a broomstick?

I saw broom in the corner, and I immediately had the idea of flying on it like in Harry Potter. So luckily the photographer was just that good caught me at the perfect time in mid air.

7. Can you really surf?

I got up and rode a couple waves. We all had classes before we started filming and I am a fairly good snowboarder which helped, but I wouldn’t claim the title surfer.

8. How was growing up in Alaska?!

Healthy. I think Alaska teaches you so much about being alone, and being ok with that. Not thinking about what everyone else is saying or what you should be doing, the place allows you to make your own decisions.

9. Favorite artist?

Everyone who dedicated themselves to be one.

10. Dream role?

A non-fiction true story of someone or Spider-Man. Fingers crossed on that one.

11. What have you been binge watching during quarantine?

Hollywood and Midnight Gospel and Sunderland Til I Die.

12. What is something you wish you got asked more?

What would you change about the world?

13. Tell us a secret?

I’m dyslexic.

14. What does popular mean to you?

Something that ONLY you can decide if you need to pay attention to.

15. Can you tell us about any other projects you have coming up?

I really wish I could. But at the moment things are in the process and I can’t release any more information other than that.
Keep up with Rudy on Instagram @rudeth. Go on… it’s clickable!


  • Photographer Matthew Kenneth Photography